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Pet CT Scan in Navi Mumbai

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PET CT Scan cost in Navi Mumbai

Scan Name Prices
FDG Whole Body PET-CT Scan Rs. 13000    Rs. 11000
FDG Brain PET-CT Scan Rs. 13000    Rs. 11000
18F-PSMA PET-CT Scan Rs. 24000    Rs. 20100
F-Choline PET CT Rs. 24000    Rs. 22000
FDG BONE PET-CT Scan Rs. 15000    Rs. 12000
FDG DOPA PET-CT Scan Rs. 24000    Rs. 21000

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Navi Mumbai, also reputed as New Bombay, is situated at the western part of Maharashtra and can easily be considered as one of the most important and fast cities of the country. Knowingly, Navi Mumbai is undoubtedly one of those cities that contain sufficient number of genuine and reliable healthcare points. It has always been a well-known fact that Pet Ct scan is the procedure of detecting any specific internal part of human body where the cells are more active than normal. Unlike the past years, full body Pet Ct Scan is not a big deal anymore in Navi Mumbai . The newly appearing NABL and ISO certified healthcare points and diagnostic centres have played a key role to make health test packages available. Nueclear is providing Pet CT Scan service at a 50%-60% discounted price all over the country. Stop wasting time and book your package online now.

What is a PET CT scan?

Pet CT scan can easily be considered as one of the most advanced scanning techniques since the beginning. As a matter of fact, PET CT scan is the process of scanning a human body by a radioactive ray for the purpose of detecting any specific part of the body where the cells are more active than normal. This specific imaging test is being widely used in multiple medical sectors to reveal how exactly the organs and tissues are actually functioning. The technique is so advanced that sometimes it can even detect any hidden disease unbelievably before it gets caught in any other similar type of scanning technique. As a matter of fact, a specific type of dye is used in this test as a tracer, which is injected in the patient’s body and the tracer helps the medical experts to find out how exactly the organs and tissues are working. Most of the PET CT scan centres in Navi Mumbai are skillful in performing PET CT scan, so you don’t need to get worried.

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Why is it done?

The wide use of PET CT scan in Navi Mumbai can be seen for the purpose of determining the presence of cancer in a human body. Most of all, it can be considered as one of the major ways to examine the chemical activities that are running in the body. PET CT scan can help the medical experts get images with more details, which helps them examine the patient more clearly and find out a perfect cure for wellness. Some of the basic uses of PET CT scan are,

  • Cancer: PET CT scan is widely used in detecting cancer in patients. A PET CT scan can help to determine the presence of cancer, know how much the cancer has been spread, find cancer recurrence and also to gain information about the treatment response during cancer.
  • Tumors: Tumors in several body organs can be detected through a PET CT scan such as brain, colorectal, cervical, melanoma, lung, lymphoma, head and neck, pancreatic, thyroid, prostate etc.
  • Heart disease: PET CT scan can effectively show the specific areas of decreased blood flow in a person’s heart. This is considered as one of the major reasons why PET CT scan is one of the most effective ways to detect the presence of certain heart diseases. Besides, it can also be very useful during a coronary artery bypass surgery.

Apart from all these, certain kinds of brain disorders can also be detected through a PET CT scan. This is why PET CT scan is still one of the most useful scanning methods since the beginning. Apart from that, there remains no need to get worried as PET CT scan cost in Navi Mumbai is not really too high to be worried.

How is it done?

Before starting the scanning procedure, generally a tracer is injected in the body of the patient. The scanning process starts after a few while because the body requires a certain amount of time to fully absorb the tracer. The patient is asked to lay down on a narrow table, which will be attached to the PET machine. The table smoothly slides in the PET machine when the process starts.

All you need to do is to stay still when the scanning process is in progress. During that time, the patient needs to lie still otherwise there remains a chance for medical experts to get distorted images captured. The machine keeps recording all the necessary images, which will later be examined by medical professionals. Once the entire process is done, the bed slides out of the PET machine.

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How do you prepare for a PET CT scan?

There are certain preparations to be taken and certain rules to be followed before somebody appears for a PET CT scan. Some of them are mentioned below for you,

  • Each underaged patient should certainly be accompanied by an adult.
  • Previous medical scanning records like CT, MRI or X-ray should be carried on the day of scanning.
  • Any kind of metallic object like ornaments or anything else like that should never be carried inside the PET machine.
  • It is always suggested to wear loose garments when somebody is appearing for a PET CT scan.
  • Inform the specialists if you have any records of having allergic reactions.
  • Inform the doctors if you have any uneasiness of going inside a closed surface.

The patient, whoever the person is, must not be accompanied by any pregnant woman or child. Apart from that, you must inform the doctor if you are pregnant or undergoing any specific medical condition. Also do not forget to mention if you are on continuation of breastfeeding.

What happens after the test?

Soon after the process of PET CT scan is over, the doctor will be giving you some instructions and after that you can just go back to your daily life. As we all know, some trained specialists will be interpreting the images captured during the process and they will be letting you know if anything suspicious has been found. You will probably be suggested to stay hydrated most of the time so that the water can flush the tracers out of your body.

What are the risks of PET CT scan?

Instead of being one of the most advanced scanning methods, there are certain risks that are involved in a PET CT scan. Some of them are mentioned below for you.

  • The contrast material that is injected before the process starts can be the reason for certain allergic reactions.
  • It can expose your baby to radiation if you are breastfeeding.
  • If you are pregnant, it can expose your unborn baby to the radiation used in PET CT scan.

All these are the major reasons why you should certainly inform the doctors if you are pregnant before appearing for a PET CT scan. However, also inform them even if you are undergoing any medical condition.

What can you expect during and after a PET CT scan?

  • During the procedure: The contrast material will be injected in your body before the process starts. You will be asked to lay down on a narrow table. The experts will suggest you to leave any metallic object you are carrying out of the PET machine. Before the process starts, the narrow table will be smoothly sliding into a big machine. You will be instructed to lay still on the narrow table when you are inside the machine and the process is going on. You will be hearing some noises and buzzing sounds when the images of your internal organs are being captured.
  • After the procedure: The doctors will have a conversation with you about the results and will let you know if anything suspicious has been found. After that you can go back to your daily life. They will also suggest you to drink plenty of water so that it can flush out the contrast material that was injected in your body before the procedure started.

What do the results mean?

The experts will be interpreting the captured images very carefully. If the chances of the existence of cancer is detected or any other hidden disorders are detected, they will inform you and will also be suggesting further steps to be taken. However, you should also inform them if you are not feeling well after the contrast material has been injected so that they can explain what to do next.

Cost of PET CT Scan in India

Although the price range may vary as per the standard of the hospitals, generally the cost of a PET CT scan may start from 10000 rupees and can be upto 27000 rupees. However, the PET CT scan cost in Navi Mumbai may vary depending on the location, standard or rank of the hospitals and pathology labs.

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