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Covid 19 RT PCR Test

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As we all know, the entire planet has seen the horrible face of the coronavirus that is causing one of the deadliest respiratory diseases named Covid-19, which has already claimed uncountable numbers of innocent lives all over the planet. However, this is absolutely impossible for most of us to get the presence of the virus in our body determined through the symptoms of it. This is the prime reason why most of the people nowadays are relying on the Covid-19 RT-PCR Test. As a matter of fact, FDA and FAO has already declared the RT-PCR Test as one of the most error-free processes of diagnosing the presence of Covid in our body.

Variants of the disease we have experienced so far

The worst ever thing about the deadly virus is nothing but the constant mutation of this virus. This is undoubtedly the most horrifying fact that so many strains of this virus have already started to show their true colors, which has already made tons of people infected. Soon after the arrival of the delta strain, the omicron variant started to spread and currently the newest kind named the XE variant has started to grow, which is another reason why each and every of us should continue taking the precautionary measures even more strictly and carefully. Doctors and medical experts are suggesting us several precautions to stay away from this terrific disease.They are recommending us to

  • Wear an N95 or at least a 3 layered mask every time you are stepping out of your home.
  • Use alcohol based hand sanitizers every time you touch a random object or surface.
  • Avoid stepping out of your home unless the business is vitally important.

However, once you feel like you and any of your loved ones have caught the disease, then find the facility of covid testing centre near you and get the covid test done because this is the only way to be sure about this.

What is a Covid RT-PCR test?

RT-PCR test or Corona Test is commonly known as a diagnostic test used for the detection of the deadly disease Covid-19, which is already very much popular these days. The rt pcr test full form is Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction test, which is performed using the nasal or oral swab taken from the patient. The test involves the procedure of extracting the Covid-19 RNA’s genetic materials. As a matter of fact, the test is also known as Covid RT PCR test, SARS-COV-2 test, Covid diagnostic test etc. Another good thing is, an RT-PCR test cost is very reasonable to afford as Govt has reduced the cost of Covid-19 Test all over the country. Get in touch with us to get the facility of Covid test near you. We also provide covid test at home with a free home sample collection.

How is the RT-PCR test done?

The very first thing to mention is that the RT-PCR test is not really a blood test, this is a swab test. The nose swab and throat swab sample is collected by a pathological expert on which the test is performed. As you can see, the procedure is simple. Besides, it doesn’t really take a mountain-sized cost to go for this test.

Can Covid-19 RT-PCR test be done at home?

Yes. Most of all, a Covid-19 RT-PCR test at home is now possible in almost every place of the country and it is recommended for maintaining safety guidelines.

Can I book a Covid-19 RT-PCR for travel?

Most certainly. It is now possible to book a Covid-19 RT-PCR test prior to 2-3 days of your trip, which is also recommended by medical experts.

How soon can I get the Covid-19 RT-PCR test report?

You will get the corona test report within 24-48 hours after the samples are collected by the pathologist.

A brief on the difference between TrueNat and RT-PCR

RT-PCR Test is reputed as the most used test process for diagnosis of Covid-19. The nose or throat swab that is collected for the RT-PCR test is mainly used for analyzing the genetic fragments of the virus. On the other hand, the TrueNat test is merely a chip-based test which is performed for the detection of SARS-COV-2 E-gene that is known for holding the traits of coronavirus. Being an automated test, TrueNat test can generate the test results faster than an RT-PCR test. TrueNat test is also known for being portable and rapid, however, a complete laboratory setup is required to perform an RTPCR test. Although some requirements and processes of these tests are different from each other, the basic purpose of performing these tests are seemingly the same.

How accurate is the RT-PCR test?

As per information collected and verified, RT-PCR test are more accurate compared to many other covid tests. However, the test reports can not be considered as completely accurate or perfect because certain factors may hamper the test result accuracy. For example, insufficient sample size from the patient or laboratory errors can be the reason for a faulty test report. However, the accuracy rate remains high because it properly analyzes the SARS-COV-2 virus and then generates the test report. Faulty reagents is another major challenge but most of the laboratories are trying hard these days to resolve this issue.

Who should get the RT-PCR test done?

Before asking where to find an RT-PCR test near me, you should know about the ones who should get the test done. Any person who can notice the symptoms getting visible in the body should go for this test. Generally, doctors recommend to go for an RT-PCR test,

  • When a person is growing signs of Covid-19
  • When a person is exposed with the disease or has been in touch with any infected person at any point of time
  • In case a person is having traveling history from region to region or country to country.

Are there any side effects of RT-PC tests?

There are no side effects of this test and this is one of the major reasons behind the high demand of this test. Although people will face no side effects while going for this harmless test, there remains a chance of false-positive or false-negative reports that may confuse further treatment runners.

Can kids or aged people get an RT-PCR test done?

Yes, because the RT-PCR test is safe for both kids and elderly people. In fact, RT-PCR is just a simple process of nucleic acid in the genetic material. This is exactly why RT-PCR is currently the most widely used laboratory technique to get the presence of Covid-19 detected. Get your kid tested today because it’s not really challenging to get the facilities of the RT-PCR test near you.

I have tested Covid positive, what should I do next?

If you have tested Covid positive, then you should immediately get in touch with a reliable medical centre. Take all the medications that the doctor will be prescribing and isolate yourself for a few days from your close ones. However, if the disease turns severe, you may get hospitalized. This is the major reason why staying under the guidance of the medical experts is necessary soon after you get your covid test report.

Should I get a second Covid test done post quarantine?

Basically, it depends on you. If you see no symptoms or complications for you after your isolation period is over, then there remains no need for it. However, in case you wish to travel to another place, then it is good to have another rt pcr test. Apart from that, you should consider going for a second time for the test because there are many people who are asymptomatic, so a test can help to get the presence of the disease detected. Nowadays, the facility of an covid rt pcr test at home has been enabled by so many laboratories.

Which documents are needed to go for an RT-PC test?

Carrying your passport or Aadhar card is compulsory to appear for this test.

How do I interpret my RT-PCR test result?

A positive test result indicates the current presence of the Covid-19 infection in your body. Isolate yourself totally if you have tested positive. A negative corona test result indicates the absence of the infection in your body, which means you are safe. However, do not stop following the safety guidelines or taking the precautionary measures if you have tested negative because your carelessness can be the reason for your critical sickness. Go for an RT-PCR test today, an RT-PCR test price is not really too high.