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Book Aarthi Scans and Labs Pathology Tests, Health Checkup Packages, Scans and Xray with us. Home sample collection available in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

About Aarthi Scans and Labs

Aarthi scans and labs is a private limited company that was founded in the year 2000. They are surely one of the largest and most affordable diagnostic centres of the country that always provides satisfactory quality of service. Aarthi Scans and Labs is known for offering its services to more than 4500 patients a day across the country. Our lab prices are up to 75% lesser than other labs. We are India's most affordable diagnostic center. Aarthi Scans and Labs is having 30 full fledged diagnostic centres that have enabled features like Pathology Tests, CT Scan, MRI Scan, Ultrasound Scan, OPG and Lab Facilities. Apart from that, they have 75 collection centres providing collection centres and they have always managed to maintain a standard level of customer satisfaction. We provide the best lab and blood testing services near you.

Their motto is to provide high quality diagnostics to everyone at the most reasonable cost. Our samples are tested in a Fully Automated Robotic Clinical Lab (NABH Accredited). Aarthi Scans and Labs are accredited by both NABL and NABH and they provide scanning facilities for a very cheap cost just like they are providing MRI scans for 2500 Rupees and CT scans for 1000 Rupees. They have an expert team of radiologists and this is why you don't need to get worried about the accuracy of the test results. The presence of Aarthi in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pondicherry and the rest of Tamilnadu is the reason why it has been beneficial for so many people.

  • Their vision: Thor vision is to provide diagnostic services for a reasonable cost so that there remains no hazards left for the patient to carry further treatment expenses.
  • Their Objective: Their objective is to provide the most advanced diagnostic imaging facilities for a very reasonable cost and also deliver compassionate care to each patient.

Besides, the technologies they are having are best in business, so you don't need to get worried. To be mentioned, they provide each of their test facilities for the most reasonable cost so that the applicants can get the best possible consumer experience. The best part is, their accuracy in every single test.