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A breast ultrasound is one of the most useful tests. A breast ultrasound is a particular type of imaging test that can be recommended to look for tumors or any kind of abnormalities in the breast. This imaging test can generate detailed pictures of the inside part of the breast using high frequency sound waves. If you are feeling a lump on your breast or any abnormal kind of changes in the nipples and tissues, then you should make a decision of going for a breast ultrasound test to get the root cause of the problem detected. Sometimes when some suspicious areas are detected in the breast through a mammogram, the medical experts may suggest to go for a breast ultrasound test. In other words, if certain kinds of abnormalities are detected through a mammogram, then the doctors usually suggest going for USG breasts in Noida. Some of those mentionable abnormalities may include

  • A tender in your breast
  • Any painful area in your breast
  • Lump in your breast
  • Unusual discharge from the nipples

Pregnant women are not recommended to go for a mammogram because exposure to radiation can be harmful for them as well as the baby that is being carried in the womb. This is exactly why a breast ultrasound test is suggested when it becomes necessary to examine a pregnant woman’s breast. Take a glance at how this imaging test is performed.

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How are the USG breasts performed?

No specific preparations are needed before you appear for a breast ultrasound test. However, it is necessary to avoid applying powders or any kind of cosmetics on your breasts before the ultrasound process takes place. Besides, you will also be asked to remove all kinds of jewelry and any other metal objects that you are carrying before the test process starts.

During the test process, you will be asked to get undressed from your waist up and lie on the table on your back on the ultrasound table. Soon after that, a certain type of gel will be applied on your breasts. After that, they will start moving the transducer over your breasts and the conductive gel will help the high frequency sound waves travel through your breasts. Soon after the process is finished, the gel will be removed from your breasts. This is a simple and painless procedure and it should not be taking more than half an hour to complete the entire process.

After the images have been captured, the images will be carefully examined by the radiologists. The places where the tumors, cysts or growth has taken place will be appearing as dark areas. They will let you know if any kind of abnormalities have been detected in the test report and after that you can get in touch with a certified doctor for the purpose of getting necessary treatments to find a cure.

There are no risks associated with the breast ultrasound process because it involves the use of high frequency sound waves instead of radiation, so there remains no chance for exposure to radiation. Nowadays, the USG breast price in Noida is very low in most of the genuine and reliable diagnostic labs. If your doctor has suggested to go for this test then don’t delay to appear for an USG ultrasound and get abnormalities in your breast detected with complete accuracy.

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