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Ranchi is also a home for people who need pathology services. Just like other cities, Ranchi also has most of the major test facilities available and Dr Lal pathlabs Ranchi has made it easy. No matter which test you are looking for, dr lal path labs is always there to be a turn-key solution of all your worries in this regard. It is not harder anymore to find genuine test facilities at your nearest location.

Dr Lal Pathlabs Ranchi is a well known pathological company. It is one of the most established and trustworthy brands of India. Dr lal Pathlabs is already chosen by so many people who are seeking the best pathology test facilities. To be mentioned, Dr Lal Pathlabs is a CAP, the College of American Pathologists, NABL and ISO 9001 certified lab. So you don’t need to get worried about the genuineness of dr lal path lab. Most of all, the result-accuracy and the best service-assurance are two major reasons why you must choose dr lal path lab Ranchi and get your test done. No need to visit the pathology labs physically as dr lal path lab Ranchi have already enabled the facilities of home sample collection all over the city. Now it is easier to get your test done and receive an accurate test report quickly. This genine pathology lab is always there to provide the best level of pathology services to you. From best service assurance to best price guarantee, there are so many reasons to choose dr lal path lab to get your required tests done.

Serviceable Areas in Ranchi

Ahirtoli, Ahirtoli 23 East Jail Road, Ahirtoli Ahirtoli, Ahirtoli Burdwan Compound, Ahirtoli C G Tower, Ahirtoli Circular Road, Ahirtoli Deputy Para, Ahirtoli East Jail Road, Ahirtoli Hariom Tower Road, Ahirtoli Hazaribag Road, Ahirtoli J N Bose Ln, Ahirtoli Jatin Chandra Road, Ahirtoli Kailash Enclave, Ahirtoli Kali Mandir Road, Ahirtoli Koyal Enclave, Ahirtoli Lalpur Chowk, Ahirtoli Lilly Cottage Ln, Ahirtoli Line Tank Road, Ahirtoli Navin Mitra Road, Ahirtoli Pandt Colony, Ahirtoli Provat Tower, Ahirtoli Ranchi, Ahirtoli Ratnawali Apartment, Ahirtoli Rohini Complex, Ahirtoli Santevita, Ahirtoli Sarda Babu Ln, Ahirtoli Tara Babu Lane, Annantpur, Annantpur Amrawati Colony, Annantpur South Railway Colony, Argora Chowk, Argora Chowk Ranchi, Argora Chowk Vashundhara Enclave, Argora Housing Colony, Argora Housing Colony Green City, Ashok Nagar, Ashok Nagar Ashok Ashram, Ashok Nagar Ashok Nagar Extension, Ashok Nagar Ashok Puram, Ashok Nagar Ashok Vihar, Ashok Nagar Road No 1, Ashok Nagar Road No 2, Ashok Nagar Road No 3, Ashok Nagar Road No 4, Ashok Nagar Road No 5, Ashoke Nagar, Ashoke Nagar Road Nos 6, Ashoke Nagar Road Nos 6 House No A To D, Ashoke Nagar Road Nos 6 Last Argora Chowk, Bahu Bazaar, Bariyatu, Bariyatu Budha Line, Bariyatu J Saran Line, Bariyatu Punchwati Garden Line, Bariyatu Rameshwar Colony, Bariyatu Rims, Booty More, Boriya, Burdwan Compound, Church Road, Church Road Bahu Bazar, Church Road Bahu Bazar Till Ganpat Apartment, Church Road Karbala Chowk, Church Road Occ Compound, Church Road Till Hanuman Mandir, Chutia, Chutia Road, Chutia Road Indra Gandhi Chowk, Chutia Road Sai Colony, Chutia Road Sai Colony Last Sai Colony, Chutia Road Upper Chutia, Chutia Road Upper Chutia Till Ram Mandir, Chutia Sai Colony, Circular Road, Doranda, Doranda 56set Colony, Doranda Ag Colony, Doranda Forest Colony, Doranda Gouri Sankar Nagar, Doranda High Court Chowk, Doranda Jhanda Chowk, Doranda Magistrate Colony, Doranda North Office Para, Doranda Paras Toli, Doranda Shyamali Colony, Doranda South Office Para, Harmu, Harmu Chowk, Harmu Chowk Anandpuri Lane, Harmu Chowk Gausala, Harmu Chowk Housing Colony, Harmu Housing Colony, Harmu Housing Colony Patel Park, Harmu Housing Colony Patel Park Sahjanand Chowak, Harmu Jaiswal Residency, Harmu Maa Mundaswari Tower, Hindpiri, Hindpiri Arjan Palace, Hindpiri Diversion Road, Hindpiri Gosaintola, Hindpiri Jd Mall, Hindpiri Kadru, Hindpiri Kadru Main Road, Hindpiri Lane No A4, Hindpiri Mahabir Tower, Hindpiri Main Road, Hindpiri Mantu Chowk, Hindpiri Maulana Azad Colony, Hindpiri Nala Road, Hindpiri Old Hazaribagh Road, Hindpiri Ranchi, Hindpiri Rk Enclave, Hindpiri Sainik Market, Hindpiri Sharma Ln, Hindpiri Singhi Marg, Hindpiri Sujata Chowk, Hindpiri Till Manu Chowk, Hindpiri Tiru Enclave, Hinoo, Hinoo Airport Road, Jhurwa, Kadru, Kadru New Ag Colony, Kadru Old Ag Colony, Kanke Road, Kanke Road Bidyapati Nagar, Kanke Road Cmpdi House, Kanke Road Gandhi Nagar, Kanke Road Hatma, Kanke Road Jhill Sagar, Kanke Road Mangal Kung, Kanke Road Panchwati Residency, Kanke Road Sriram Apartment, Kanke Road Suchna Bhawaniim, Kanke Road Urmila Apartment, Kanke Road Vinayak Apartment, Kantatoli Road, Kantatoli Road Dangra Toli, Kantatoli Road Khadgdha Bus Stand, Kantatoli Road Netaji Nagar, Kantatoli Road Tanveer Petrol Pump, Khijir, Kokar, Kokar Bank Colony, Kokar Bank Colony Till Kokar Chowk, Kokar Chunna Bhatta, Kokar Chunna Bhatta Till Kokar Chowk, Kokar Haider Ali Road, Kokar Haider Ali Road Till Kokar Chowk, Kokar Kokar Industrial Area, Kokar Kokar Industrial Area Till Kokar Chowk, Kokar Shiv Shakti Nager, Kokar Sunder Vihar, Kokar Sunder Vihar Till Kokar Chowk, Kokar Tapawan Gali, Kutchery, Kutchery Chowk, Kutchery Chowk Mr Market, Kutchery Nandan Apartment, Kutchery Road, Kutchery Road Bihar Club, Kutchery Road Deauty Pada, Kutchery Road Kutcher Chowk, Kutchery Road Radium Road, Kutchery Trade Centre, Lalpur, Lalpur 609 Hari Om Tower, Lalpur Alokapuri Complex, Lalpur Arpit Apartment, Lalpur Avinash Complex, Lalpur Burdwan Compound, Lalpur Circular Road, Lalpur City Complex, Lalpur East Jail Road, Lalpur Hari Heritage, Lalpur Hazaribag Road, Lalpur Jagannath Complex Road, Lalpur Jatin Chandra Road, Lalpur Lalpur, Lalpur Pandt Colony, Lalpur Paras Complex, Lalpur Peace Road, Lalpur Post Office Building, Lalpur Puruliya Road, Lalpur Ranchi, Lalpur Sri Kali Apartment, Mecon, Mecon Colony, Mecon Satelite Colony, Morabadi, Morabadi Dr Hp Narayan Line, Morabadi Gokul Dham, Morabadi Harihar Singh Road, Morabadi Ias Colony, Morabadi Karam Toli, Morabadi Ncc Camp, Namkum, Nayatoli, Nayatoli Dangartoli, Nayatoli Dr Camil Bulcke Path, Nayatoli Karbala Tank Road, Nayatoli Mission Ground Lane, Nayatoli Nil Ratan Street, Nayatoli Pathalkudwa, Nayatoli Puruliya Road, Nayatoli Ranchi, New Barhi Toli, New Barhi Toli Convent Street, New Barhi Toli Dangartoli, New Barhi Toli East Jail Road, New Barhi Toli Hazaribag Road, New Barhi Toli Hbroad, New Barhi Toli Income Tax Colony, New Barhi Toli Puruliya Road, New Barhi Toli Ranchi, New Barhi Toli S Samaj Street, New Barhi Toli Shivangi Apartment, New Barhi Toli Shrilok Complex, New Barhi Toli Udhav Babu Lane, Niwaranpur, Peace Road, Peepee Compound, Pisca More, Pisca More Din Dayal Nagar, Pisca More Krishna Basant Enclave, Pisca More Nilanchal Koti, Ranchi Club Road, Ranchi Club Road Club Road, Ranchi Main Road, Ranchi Main Road Ashreeta Apartment, Ranchi Main Road Citadel, Ranchi Main Road Daily Market, Ranchi Main Road Gel Church Complex, Ranchi Main Road Gel Church Compound Road, Ranchi Main Road Kali Mandir Chowk, Ranchi Main Road Laljee Hirjee Road, Ranchi Main Road Line Tank Road, Ranchi Main Road New Garden, Ranchi Main Road Puruliya Road, Ranchi Main Road Ranchi University, Ranchi Main Road Roshpa Towers, Ranchi Main Road Sn Ganguli Road, Ranchi Main Road Till Karbala Chowk, Ranchi Main Road Vishnu Gali Road, Ratu Road, Ratu Road Baba Enclave, Risaldar Nagar, Shajanand Chowk, Station Road, Station Road Patel Chowk, Tharpakna, Tiska More, Upper Bazar, Upper Bazar Bihar Club Line, Upper Bazar Kali Babu Street, Upper Bazar Molana Aazad College, Upper Bazar Sardnand Road, Upper Bazzar, Upper Bazzar Prem Bhawan, Upper Bazzar Sri Ram Binda Complexlx, Upper Bazzar Treveni Plaza
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