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Bhopal is also a home for people who need pathology services. Just like other cities, Bhopal also has most of the major test facilities available and Dr Lal pathlabs Bhopal has made it easy. No matter which test you are looking for, dr lal path labs is always there to be a turn-key solution of all your worries in this regard. It is not harder anymore to find genuine test facilities at your nearest location.

Dr Lal Pathlabs Bhopal is a well known pathological company. It is one of the most established and trustworthy brands of India. Dr lal Pathlabs is already chosen by so many people who are seeking the best pathology test facilities. To be mentioned, Dr Lal Pathlabs is a CAP, the College of American Pathologists, NABL and ISO 9001 certified lab. So you don’t need to get worried about the genuineness of dr lal path lab. Most of all, the result-accuracy and the best service-assurance are two major reasons why you must choose dr lal path lab Bhopal and get your test done. No need to visit the pathology labs physically as dr lal path lab Bhopal have already enabled the facilities of home sample collection all over the city. Now it is easier to get your test done and receive an accurate test report quickly. This genine pathology lab is always there to provide the best level of pathology services to you. From best service assurance to best price guarantee, there are so many reasons to choose dr lal path lab to get your required tests done.

Serviceable Areas in Bhopal

Airport Road, Airport Road Aditya Avenue Phase 1, Airport Road Aditya Avenue Phase 2, Airport Road Blaire Apartment, Airport Road Col Corner, Airport Road Exotica Residency, Airport Road Garden Estate, Airport Road Green Valley Enclave, Airport Road Hemilton Court, Airport Road Lake Pearl Garden, Airport Road Lake Pearl Spring, Airport Road Old Airport Colony, Airport Road Rishi Vilas Colony, Airport Road Subidh Vihar, Arera Colony, Arera Colony E 1, Arera Colony E 2, Arera Colony E 3, Arera Colony E 4, Arera Colony E 5, Arera Colony E 6, Arera Colony E 7, Arera Colony E 8 Extension, Ashoka Garden, Ashoka Garden Old Ashoka Garden, Ayodhya Bypass, Ayodhya Bypass Abhinav Kirti Homes, Ayodhya Bypass Eco Greeen Park, Ayodhya Bypass Geet Mohini, Ayodhya Bypass Kakad Abhinav Homes, Ayodhya Bypass Orchird Green, Ayodhya Bypass Road, Ayodhya Bypass Road Azad Nagar, Ayodhya Bypass Road Basant Kunj, Ayodhya Bypass Road Bhel Nagar, Ayodhya Bypass Road Chattisgarh Colony, Ayodhya Bypass Road Indus Park 2, Ayodhya Bypass Road Prakash Nagar, Ayodhya Bypass Road Rajat Nagar, Ayodhya Bypass Road Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Ayodhya Bypass Road Rajsamrat Colony, Ayodhya Bypass Road Sundar Nagar, Ayodhya Bypass Road Vrindavan Colony, Ayodhya Bypass Sagar Enclave, Ayodhya Bypass Tanishq Enclave, Ayodhya Nagar, Ayodhya Nagar Flora City, Ayodhya Nagar Indus Umaang, Ayodhya Nagar Murti Vihar, Bag Sevaniya, Bag Sevaniya Adarsh Nagar, Bag Sevaniya Arvind Vihar, Bag Sevaniya Bagh Mughaliya, Bag Sevaniya Bagmugaliya Amaltas Apartment, Bag Sevaniya Bagmugaliya Amaltas Complex, Bag Sevaniya Bagmugaliya Amaltas Market, Bag Sevaniya Bagmugaliya Aryan Tower, Bag Sevaniya Bagmugaliya Pebble Bay, Bag Sevaniya Bamugalia Extension, Bag Sevaniya Bhel Sangam, Bag Sevaniya Flower City, Bag Sevaniya Fortune Sail Parisar, Bag Sevaniya Kadambani, Bag Sevaniya Katara Hills, Bag Sevaniya Lksya Homes, Bag Sevaniya Meenakshi Planet City, Bag Sevaniya Rameshwaram, Bag Sevaniya Rameshwaram Delux, Bag Sevaniya Rameshwaram Ext, Bag Sevaniya Sant Asaram Nagar Phase 1, Bag Sevaniya Sant Asaram Nagar Phase 2, Bag Sevaniya Sant Asaram Nagar Phase 3, Bag Sevaniya Shankaracharya Homes, Bag Sevaniya Surendra Garden, Bag Sevaniya Unique Residency, Bag Sevaniya Vaisnav Parisar, Bairagarh, Bairagarh One Tree Hills, Bairagarh Sainik Colony, Bairagarh T Ward, Balaji Nagar, Bhanpur, Bhanpur Bhanpur, Bhanpur Paras Vihar, Bhanpur Parshav Dham, Bhanpur Rasla Khedi, Bhanpur Shabri Nagar, Bhanpur Vidisha Road, Bharti Niketan, Bhawani Nagar, Bijli Colony, Bmhrc, Bmhrc Alankar Hights, Bmhrc Chitrkoot Colony, Bmhrc Geet Green, Bmhrc Premium Orched, Bmhrc Sukh Sagar Phase 4, Char Imli, Chatrasal Nagar, Choksey Nagar, Chunabhatti, Danish Nagar, Danish Nagar Danish Nagar D1, Danish Nagar Danish Nagar D2, Danish Nagar Danish Nagar D3, Danish Nagar Harvansh Vihar, Danish Nagar Jyoti Nagar, Danish Nagar Krishna Ncleve, Danish Nagar Kunjan Nagar, Danish Nagar Paras Hermitage, Danish Nagar Rajat Vihar, Danish Nagar Starling Osis, Danishkung, Data Colony, Dig Bunglow, Dig Bunglow Bda Colony, Dig Bunglow Firdosh Nagar, Dig Bunglow Lig Colony, Dig Bunglow Sharda Nagar, Dig Bunglow Sheetal Nagar, Dig Bunglow Tila Jamalpura, Dig Bunglow Tila Jamalpura Pgbt College, Dronachal, Durgesh Vihar, Eid Ghah Hills, Eid Ghah Hills Advocate Colony, Eid Ghah Hills Afreen Colony, Eid Ghah Hills Ameer Ganj, Eid Ghah Hills Bda Colony, Eid Ghah Hills Bright Colony, Eid Ghah Hills Doctors Colony, Eid Ghah Hills Judge Colony, Eid Ghah Hills Laxmi Compound, Eid Ghah Hills Molana Azad Colony, Eid Ghah Hills Neelkanth Colony, Eid Ghah Hills Pnb Colony, Eid Ghah Hills Prabhu Nagar, Eid Ghah Hills Prince Colony, Eid Ghah Hills Ram Nagar, Eid Ghah Hills Rehana Colony, Eid Ghah Hills Ridge Road, Eid Ghah Hills Sahara Parisar, Eid Ghah Hills Sbi Colony, Eid Ghah Hills Sun Rise Colony, Gautam Nagar, Govindpura, Govindpura Govind Garden, Gulmohar, Hoshanga Bad Road, Hoshanga Bad Road Chinar Fortune City, Hoshanga Bad Road Coral Cottages, Hoshanga Bad Road Fortune Divine City, Hoshanga Bad Road Hoshanga Bad Road, Hoshanga Bad Road Nirupam State Phase 2, Hoshanga Bad Road Pesific Blue, Hoshanga Bad Road Rkdf Dental College, Hoshanga Bad Road Shri Ram Colony, Hoshanga Bad Road Sneh Nagar, Hoshanga Bad Road Starling Castles, Housing Board, Housing Board Mulla Colony, Housing Board Vishwarama Phase 1 And 2, Indra Prasth Colony, Indra Prasth Colony Inner Court App, Indra Prasth Colony Inner Court App Sun City, Indra Vihar Colony, Indrapuri, Jahangirabad, Jatkhedi, Jatkhedi Aryan Wings, Jatkhedi Fortune Kasturi, Jatkhedi Golden City, Jatkhedi Nikhil Bunglos Phase 3, Jatkhedi Red Squer, Jatkhedi Rkdf Medical College Hospital Research Centre, Jatkhedi Ruchi Lifescape, Jatkhedi Sagar Abhinav Heights, Jatkhedi Sagar Royal Homes, Jatkhedi Sagar Royal Villa, Jatkhedi Shubhalaya Perl, Jwahar Chowk, Kailash Nagar, Kailash Nagar Pooja Shree, Kailash Nagar Sai Baba Residency, Kailash Nagar Sai Baba Residency Cto, Kalpana Nagar, Karamveer Nagar, Karond, Karond Brij Colony, Karond Goya Colony, Karond Krishq Colony, Karond Maya Enclave, Karond Peepal Choraha, Karond Rajvansh Colony, Karond Ratan Colony, Karond Shanti Homes, Karond Shanti Nagar, Kasturba Nagar, Koh E Fiza, Koh E Fiza Ahemdabad Palace Road, Koh E Fiza Bda, Koh E Fiza Housing Board Colony, Koh E Fiza Karbala Road, Koh E Fiza Khano Gaon, Koh E Fiza Lake View Colony, Koh E Fiza Nri Colony, Koh E Fiza Rajeev Colony, Koh E Fiza Vip Road, Kolar Road, Kotra Sultanabad, Lalalajpatrai Nagar, Lalghati, Lalghati Bitthal Nagar, Lalghati Bitthal Nagar Globus Green, Lalghati Golf Link Phase 2, Lalghati Golf Link Phase 2 Jain Colony, Lalghati Janki Nagar, Lalghati Om Shiv Nagar, Lalghati Ramanand Nagar, Mata Mandir, Minal Residency, Minal Residency New Minal, Minal Residency Old Minal, Mp Nagar Zone 1, Mp Nagar Zone 2, Mp Nagar Zone 2 Habibganj Railway Station, Mp Nagar Zone 2 Mansovar Complex, Nainagiri, Neerja Nagar, Neharu Nagar Square, New Subhash Nagar, New Subhash Nagar Padnabh Nagar, Nizzammudin Colony, Nizzammudin Road, Nizzammudin Road Bharat Nagar, Old Subhash Nagar, Old Subhash Nagar Abhiruchi Parisar, Old Subhash Nagar Ambedkar Colony, Panchvati, People Campus, People Campus Hig, People Campus Mig, People Campus Pcds, People Campus Pcms, People Campus Pcrt, People Campus Pda, People Campus Residence Hostel, Polytechnic Square, Punjabi Bagh, Rachna Nagar, Ratnagiri, Ravidas Nagar, Rgpv Road, Rgpv Road Comfort Heights, Rgpv Road Dwarka Dham, Rgpv Road Elexiar Garden, Rgpv Road Elexiar Green, Rgpv Road Jail Colony, Rgpv Road Maple Tree, Rgpv Road Rgpv Hostel, Rgpv Road Sanjeev Nagar, Saket Nagar, Saket Nagar 2a, Saket Nagar 2c, Saket Nagar 3a, Saket Nagar 3b, Saket Nagar 3c, Saket Nagar 3d, Saket Nagar 4d, Saket Nagar 9a, Saket Nagar 9b, Saket Nagar Aiims Campus, Saket Nagar Alkapuri, Saket Nagar Railway Colony, Saket Nagar Shakti Nagar Sector 1, Saket Nagar Shakti Nagar Sector 2, Saket Nagar Shakti Nagar Sector 3, Sarvadharam, 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