Dr Lal Path Lab


We present the best Dr Lal Path Lab test packages to you. Select a city from the list below, then choose a package. Get yourself tested in a lab that is trusted and chosen by hundreds.

Dr Lal Path lab: A brand you can trust

Dr Lal Path Lab holds 70+ years of experience and is one of the most genuine and reliable laboratories in India. Their service quality has been unmatchable since the beginning. They ensure the best quality service, test report accuracy, and on-time report delivery. Currently, it is one of the most popular laboratories with 15000+ touch points, which also includes hospitals and collection centres. So no need to be worried about finding a Dr Lal Path Lab near me.

Expertise you can rely on

Faulty test reports may lead to faulty treatments. So look no further and choose Dr Lal PathLabs. They are experienced enough and their healthcare professionals hold strong expertise. They will make sure that the test process executes perfectly and remains no fault in generating the report.

Best possible quality - Unmatchable accuracy

Dr Lal Path Lab owns a lot of advanced medical technologies that are used to ensure the best possible outcome. The healthcare professionals of Dr Lal PathLabs hold years of experience in the diagnosis field, so surely they can serve you better. Reportedly, every test goes through 50+ process and quality checks in Dr Lal Path Lab, so that there remains no room for errors. Most of all, Dr Lal Path Lab is a NABL and CAP certified laboratory, so no need to think twice before choosing them.

Helpful customer service

Dr Lal Path lab is also praised for its incredible customer service quality. As we all know, 24/7 customer service is crucial to ensure on-time response to queries and complaints, even after the test is done. Dr Lal Path Lab cares for its customers and ensures the best quality of customer support services.

A great variety of diagnostic tests

No matter which test you have been looking for, Dr Lal PathLabs got it covered for you. They offer a huge range of diagnostic test facilities so that you find everything under one roof. You can quickly book any of your favorite test packages online. The best part is, they offer all these test facilities for a very reasonable price.

Home sample collection facilities

No need to step out of your home to get tested, just book the slot when you want your samples to be collected. One healthcare professional from Dr Lal PathLabs will arrive at your doorstep, and collect your samples. Dr Lal Path lab covers a broad range of geographical areas, so you can avail home sample collection facilities from almost anywhere in the country.

Choose Dr Lal Path Lab : Feel the change

Dr Lal Path Lab is no less than a new era of innovation in a world where modern medical sectors are evolving rapidly. They have been the first choice of countless people for their world-class service quality and their broad range of test services. Therefore, book a test from Dr Lal Pathlabs today and get your hidden abnormalities detected.


1. How many centres and labs does Dr Lal Path Lab own?

Dr Lal Path Lab currently owns 10,000+ hospitals and 4000+ patient service centres with multiple teams of experienced professionals.

2. What kinds of tests does Dr Lal Path Labs cover?

They cover so many essential tests like Full body check, Thyroid test, Urine Culture, Allergy, CRP, Kidney Function test, Lipid Profile, CBC test, Lipid profile test etc.

3. Are the technicians in Dr Lal Path Labs certified?

Every technician in Dr Lal Path Labs is BMLT and DMLT certified. All of them are well-trained and experienced.

4. How can you fetch information regarding any particular Dr Lal Path Lab?

You can simply visit their official website and click on the option named ‘Nearest Centre’, then select the location where you want to find the centre. Soon after you click, it will show all the active centres in that particular area. This way, you can easily find a Dr Lal Path Lab near me.