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Knee X-Ray Test in Pune

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X-ray is the name of an advanced medical technology that involves the use of radiation beams for the purpose of capturing the images of certain inner parts of a human body. As a matter of fact, X-rays can capture pictures of blood vessels, bones, lungs, heart as well as tissues. Almost every pathology lab these days provides the facilities of X-ray and massive use of X-ray can be noticed in almost every medical sector. A knee X-ray is performed to get pictures of the knee anatomy and determine the presence of any occurring issue that is causing trouble in the knees.

X-ray can capture images of soft tissues and bones of the knee. It is a fact that it would be impossible to know what kind of damage or injury has taken place in the knee without going for an X-ray. There are several reasons why a doctor can suggest you to go for a knee X-ray. Mostly, a knee X-ray in Pune can be suggested to fetch information about any kind of physical injury like fractures that has taken place in the knee. Some of the other issues that can be detected through a knee X-ray are

  • Excess of fluid
  • Joint dislocation
  • Osteophytes
  • Loose bone pieces
  • Bone cancer
  • Bon thinning
  • Abnormality in Knee joint’s alignment
  • Osteoarthritis

Generally, Knee X-ray is used along with some other similar types of imaging tests like CT scan or MRI. The doctors may recommend going for a Knee X-ray if certain kinds of painful discomfort start to occur in your knees. To be more specific, if you are experiencing critical pain, inflammation, difficulty to move the joint or stiffness then you will be suggested to go for a Knee X-ray. Take a glance at how the Knee X-ray is performed.

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What to expect during a knee X-ray?

Firstly when you enter the room where the X-ray process will take place, you will be asked to stand or sit in a particular manner that will help the radiographer capture the cleanest possible images of your knees. An apron will be provided to you so that you can keep other body parts away from the reach of the radiations used in X-ray. You will probably be given a supporting pillow or chair so that you can effectively minimize your discomfort when you are placing your knees according to the instructions given by the experienced expert. After that, you will be asked to position your knees at the centre of the X-ray machine. It is necessary to stay completely still when the image capturing procedure is going on. If you move, the image has to be captured again.

Images will be captured in lateral view, sunrise view and anteroposterior view. The X-ray machine will be capturing inner images of your knee from different angles so that it becomes easier for the medical experts to detect the problem with zero difficulties. After ensuring that the images are properly captured and are not blurred or distorted, the images are carefully analyzed by the radiologist and pathology experts. Once the test reports are generated, the pathologists will consult with you about the abnormalities that have been found in the X-ray report. As a matter of fact, knee X-ray is a simple and quick process and it should not be taking more than 15 minutes to complete the entire process.

Which problems can be detected through a Knee X-ray?

  • A Knee X-ray can detect any fracture that has taken place in the Knee.
  • A Knee X-ray can show if the bone alignments are proper.
  • A Knee X-ray can show the bone density of the knee of an individual.
  • A Knee X-ray can show the gap that remains between the bones of a knee.
  • A Knee X-ray can show if any tumor has taken place in the knee.
  • A Knee X-ray can also detect some primary signs of arthritis like erosions, bone spurs or narrowing of the joint space.

A Knee X-ray is undoubtedly the most effective way to detect any issues that have taken place in your knees. As mentioned before, almost every pathology lab these days is providing the facilities of a knee X-ray. However, you must keep in mind that it is necessary to inform the pathologists if you are pregnant or if you are about to be pregnant before you appear for an X-ray because if you appear for an X-ray while you are carrying a baby in your womb, there remains a possibility of your growing baby’s exposure to X-ray radiations. The Knee X-ray price in Pune is affordable now in most of the cities.

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