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Dec 2017

Importance of Regular Health Checkup

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Dec 08, 2017

Busy work schedules, along with the rising cost of healthcare means that a majority of people are putting regular checkups on the back burner. They do not visit the doctor until they are actually sick and then, it is usually too late! The hard truth of the matter is that regular visits to a doctor can be a matter of life and death, and it must not be taken lightly. 

It is important that you have regular dental, eye and medical checkups if you have any wish of living a healthy and long life. Doctors will be able to spot any health issue early on and provide you with practical advice. 

Still not convinced? Keep reading to get more information on why you should visit a clinic every now and then, even when you are feeling fine.

# Prevention is always better than cure

Regular checkups are a way for doctors to spot any health conditions early on. When you go for a checkup, the doctor is going to conduct several tests including physical examinations and preventative screening to find out about your current health and risks. If the doctor finds any problem with your health, he or she will provide you with all the treatment plans needed to prevent the health condition. 

Blood pressure tests, cholesterol level checks, cervical smear tests for women, diabetes checks, body mass index and obesity tests are some of the popular checks conducted during regular checkup sessions. 

# Opportunity to know the unknown

Once the tests have been conducted, your doctor will be able to tell you about the diseases that you are susceptible to, even though there are no apparent symptoms. The doctor might also prescribe you some medications. This is what happened with the famous Hollywood celebrity, Angelina Jolie. She chose to undergo preventative double mastectomy and oophorectomy. Due to her fault genes, she had a high risk of having ovarian and breast cancer. Even though the surgery was a difficult decision, on time checkup helped her make a life-saving decision. 

# Chance to significantly save money

You might think that regular visits to the doctor are an expensive affair, but you need to think long-term here. If you do not regularly go for your checkup, you will not be able to take any preventative measure for your disease or illness. If you have any chronic disease and you suddenly fall ill, getting the proper treatment is going to cost you a fortune. You might have to even be admitted to the hospital and spend on pharmaceutical pills. Contracting life-threatening and life-debilitating diseases is also a possibility when you fail to take care of your health regularly. 

# More productivity at work

When you have a healthy mind and body, it is only then that you will be able to concentrate better on your daily chores. It is not that you have to visit a doctor every single day, but fixing a date for regular checkups will help to ensure that you are healthy and able to perform all your duties properly. 

For an adult up to the age of forty, it is recommended that every 5 years they go for periodic health assessments unless it is otherwise suggested by their healthcare practitioner. After the age of 40, checkups can be scheduled every one to three years. 

Regular health checkup is the secret to good health. When you know that you are free from any kind of mental, physical and emotional condition, you will be able to live a much fitter and fuller life. 

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