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Nov 2020

Work from home challenges and their solution

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Nov 15, 2020

It is a known fact that most of the organizations are allowing their employees to work from home as this is necessary to avoid getting infected. However, it is not as easy as it seems to be. Although a person gets a chance to handle the office work from home, the amount of pressure remains almost the same.

There are so many challenges that may appear while working from home and handling the workload from home. It has always been a known fact that constant pressure leaves a deep impact on our mental health, which may give birth to so many kinds of mental complexions. Some of the major work from home challenges and their solutions are mentioned below for you.

5 major work from home challenges with solutions

  • Stress: Stress has always been considered as the major problem that people face while working from home. This is one of the most serious mental problems that give birth to so many types of physical problems like hypertension, heart diseases and even insomnia too.
    Solution: First of all, having uninterrupted sleeping hours is necessary to avoid stress. Apart from that, taking a break is also necessary while handling any heavy workload. Always try to have a positive attitude to keep yourself prepared to face upcoming pressures.
  • Strained eyes: This is what most of the workers face after working for so long. The light releasing from the screen leaves a deep impact on our eyes and it can be considered as the major reason behind strained eyes.
    Solution: Using a radiation protective screen or a pair of spectacles with arc coating is necessary to avoid getting pressure on your eyes.
  • Neck and back pain: This is also another major physical problem that occurs because of sitting next to the desktop for so long. This pain may even turn serious if left untreated for so long.
    Solution: Firstly, choose a perfect chair for working that gives exact support to your neck and back. Physicians suggest doing certain types of stretching exercises or yoga practices as that can effectively help you stay away from all such problems.
  • Sedentary lifestyle: A massive change in daily routine may make you step into a sedentary lifestyle. It is a fact that this huge change in daily habits is sometimes harder to accept, however, there are certain ways to keep yourself away from stepping into a sedentary lifestyle.
    Solution: There is no better cure for it than regular physical workout and healthy food habits. Try to completely stay away from junk food and always consume properly proportioned meals in a sufficient amount.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: This can easily be considered as one of the major health issues that may occur while working from home. People who work on the keyboard more, keep their fingers in the same position, which gives birth to Carpal tunnel syndrome. It may turn so serious that it may lead a person to a major surgery.
    Solution: Take complete care of your fingers. Give sufficient amounts of rest to your fingers as well as your body. Try to get involved in some kinds of exercises of hand and wrist.

If you face any of these above mentioned issues while working from home, never make a regrettable decision of ignoring it and follow the above mentioned tricks to get a cure. You may also get in touch with a certified doctor to know more in this regard.