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Jan 2022

Why is the D-dimer test essential for covid patients?

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Jan 19, 2022

The D-dimer test has a significant role in this havoc pandemic situation. The D-dimer test is being suggested to many of the corona patients for many factors. Medical experts have seen in many cases that people who have had the symptoms of corona and are highly suspected to have corona are tested negative in the RT-PCR test. Later investigations of lungs reveal that they have developed the virus to a great extent. Because of the continuous failures of the RT-PCR tests, doctors are now using many other tests including the D-Dimer test to diagnose corona.

What is the D-Dimer?

Our body naturally heals any of our cuts or injuries by creating blood clots, to prevent excessive blood loss. When the injury or cut has healed, your body does not need the blood clots, then your body breaks down the clots through the help of plasmin enzymes. However, after the breakdown of the fibrin, there can be some left fragment of that protein fibrin, that fragment of protein is called D-dimer.

How does the D-Dimer test help diagnose corona?

The D-dimer test usually helps to diagnose if there is any risk of blood clotting disease. In the case of covid patients, they get a lot of blood clots in the lungs. The D-dimer test helps doctors to identify the severity of blood clots in the body. This test gives the doctors the exact result of the amount blood clots the patient may have in their lungs.

A brief of how the D-dimer test is being performed

You have to go to the healthcare center to take the D-dimer test. No special test preparation is required before this test. However, you can consult with your doctor about the medication you use and go after your doctor's instructions. The healthcare provider will take a sample of blood through a vein of your arm with a small needle. You can experience any of the pain and bruising around the spot where the blood had taken. However, you do not need to worry because the pain and bruising will go away within one or two days.

What does a high D-dimer test result mean?

A high level of D-dimer test result may indicate you have a lot of blood clots present in your body, which can be life-threatening for a covid patient. However, it is always better to ask your healthcare provider what the test result means for you.