May 2021

Why is the D-dimer high?

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on May 22, 2021

D-dimer amount can be high in a person for several reasons. As per information fetched and verified, D-dimer is one kind of a leftover substance that keeps flowing in the blood soon after our body breaks down a blood clot using specific healing techniques once any rapid bleeding has finally stopped. Generally, the abnormal rise or fall of the amount of D-dimer can be noticed only in those people who are having any blood clotting disorder. The D-dimer level is associated with the severity of COVID-19. D-Dimer value of Covid patients is high which might cause blood clotting. Learn more why d dimer test for covid is important. If you are having breathing problems they you should take the D-Dimer test.

There are so many health factors that leave a deep impact upon the D-dimer levels. In other words, the increment or decrement of D-dimer levels remain dependent on so many different factors. Undoubtedly, blood clotting disorders are not the only reason why the D-dimer level may get high. Pregnancy is one of the most mentionable reasons why the D-dimer level can get high because it may cause blood clotting in some specific cases. On the other hand, a woman may have high D-dimer levels also after being a mother. Besides, heart diseases are also known for abnormal rise of D-dimer levels as it has been noticed in so many cases. Apart from all these. The active or passive impact of any recent surgery can also be the reason for high D-dimer levels.

As per information fetched, rapid heartbeat, difficulty in breathing, leg swelling etc are some of the most mentionable symptoms of D-dimer complexions. Do not neglect if any of these symptoms start to get visible in you. Book your D-dimer test today as it is also very necessary in the concerning hours of pandemic. A D-dimer test cost is not so high to be purchased.

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