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Oct 2021

Why is regular blood check essential?

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Oct 11, 2021

Blood tests are done to inspect one's health condition. A Blood test can tell the levels of hormones, proteins, enzymes present in the body. If there are any kind of infections, diseases, imbalance of vitamins and minerals not getting detected, can cause severe health problems.

Again problems such as low hemoglobin or low / high sodium and potassium levels, that is why complete blood tests are mostly recommended by Doctors to check vital blood components such as platelets, white blood cells and red blood cells. Here are some points why you should do regular blood check-ups.

4 points to know why you should go for regular blood check

  • Those who have hereditary health related problems just like diabetes, heart issues, abnormal levels of lipids, or thyroid, may get these problems as well . So you can fetch a doctor to protect your and your family's health.
  • For normal people, a specified test might be given by doctors to ensure the levels of hemoglobin, vitamins or minerals are balanced. If a disease is detected from the blood test, it can be monitored and will be prevented in the proper time.
  • Regular Blood checks for diseased patients is to monitor the extent of damage caused by the disease.
  • Individuals prescribed for blood tests for analyzing any disease go for it as scheduled. However, take up retest intermittently often.

As mentioned above, timely diagnoses can save you and your family from severe health problems. However, the question of how many times one should go for a blood test has no suitable answer. It relies on one's age, diseased conditions, health state, and on doctor's recommendation. Nevertheless, it is better to go for periodic blood checks. This is for your well-being.