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Mar 2020

Why is Coronavirus deadlier for Diabetic patients?

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Mar 26, 2020

The name, ‘Coronavirus’, is now enough to scare the entire planet within a fraction of second. Starting from the city named Wuhan, China, Coronavirus has now affected hundreds of people all over the globe. The massive outbreak of this virus has already claimed an uncountable number of lives as no such antidotes have been discovered yet that can cure it.

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According to doctors and specialists, Diabetes patients are at higher risk of getting affected by Coronavirus. Diabetes can passively increase the risks of Covid-19 and this is why patients who have diabetes should always stay more careful rather than the ones who don’t. Knowingly, Type 2 diabetes can boost the incidence of infectious diseases. However, the ones with Type 1 Diabetes may also have an increased risks of morbidity.

As per information collected, affected people with diabetes are having higher rates of serious physical complexions and higher rates of fatal cases rather than people without Diabetes. There are two specific reasons why diabetic patients are at higher risk of getting affected by Coronavirus.

Reasons why Diabetic patients are in higher risk

  • Diabetes hampers the immunity system of our body and this is why diabetic patients have more chances to get affected. In other words, Diabetes reduces immune response and as a result of that, the virus gets more chances to affect.
  • Diabetes weakens the healing ability which passively increases the chances of getting affected.

This is why all the diabetic patients must stay more careful rather than people who don’t have diabetic issues. According to the doctors, diabetes leaves the body of a patient vulnerabl;e to so many kinds of viruses as well as Coronavirus. If you are a diabetic patient and in quarantine, then make a scheduled medical plan for yourself and avoid roaming as much as possible as that can be beneficial for both you and your loved ones. In case of any serious physical complexions, consult the doctors or your local healthcare service provider to stay away from serious sickness.

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