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Jul 2021

Who should or should not take the Covid-19 vaccine?

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Jul 08, 2021

The massively increasing terror of the deadly respiratory disease Covid-19 has finally come to an end as some of the most effective vaccines have already been introduced. The vaccine is currently available in so many countries all over the globe including India, which has already helped the medical experts take so many critical patients towards the path of cure.

However, not everyone can take the vaccine to stay away from the deadly attacks of Covid-19. There are certain restrictions that each and every one of us should definitely follow. People who can not take the newly introduced Covid-19 vaccines are categorised below for you. There are many myths about who can or can not take this vaccine for themselves, let this article answer some of those questions.

People who should or should not take the Covid-19 vaccine

  • Pregnant women: It has been seen that pregnant women have low respiratory reserve, and this is one of the major reasons why vaccinating them can be the best possible option. Any pregnant woman having high risk of exposure to Covid-19 can have the vaccine.
  • Lactating Women: some of the experts recommend breastfeeding women to stay away from the Covid-19 vaccine. However, it has also been seen that the secretion of covid antibodies in the breast milk can protect the infant, so the vaccination is safe for them. However, as per WHO, breastfeeding women can have the vaccine and continue their breastfeeding once their vaccination is done.
  • People who are planning a baby: There is no concrete evidence about the fact that Covid-19 vaccines may cause fertility or menstruation issues. A woman can even get the Covid vaccine during her period cycle too.
  • People with Chronic diseases: The newly introduced Covid-19 vaccines are completely safe and effective in people who are having chronic diseases. However, people who are having suppressed immune systems are always recommended to consult a medical expert before getting the vaccine.
  • Children: There are absolutely no reports of any case of infection in children who have received this vaccine, so this vaccine is clearly considered as a safe option for children too.
  • People who are recently found to have Covid-19: yes, people who are recently diagnosed with this respiratory disease can have the initial dose of the vaccine once they got a positive test report or the symptoms have started to arrive.

To be mentioned, a person with a severe allergic reaction to any specific component of the Covid-19 vaccine or injectable medication should not be receiving the vaccine. However, normally if somebody is having allergic reactions to food, oral medications, pets, environmental triggers or insects can easily get the vaccine. Most of all, a bit of medical consultation before appearing for the vaccination is always recommended under every possible circumstance.