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Aug 2021

Who should get the Covid-19 vaccination first?

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Aug 02, 2021

As we all know, Covid-19 has already claimed a gigantic number of innocent lives in several corners of the planet and the rampage of the deadly coronavirus can still be seen in so many regions of the world. Although most of us have started to take all the necessary precautions, the virus is still spreading through the droplets and this can be considered as the major reason why the number of infected people are still increasing day by day. Certainly, this can easily be considered as the darkest curse to mankind which is hugely increasing the concerns of common people as this critical disease is well known for being fatal in most of the cases.

This can easily be considered as one of the most valuable news at this very moment that the world has finally found a solution to this massively uprising issue because of the restless efforts of the medical experts. Some of the most effective vaccines have already been introduced that can help a person grow immunity against this deadly virus and keep them away from the harmful effects of the deadly respiratory disease. As a matter of fact, both Covishield and Covaxin are two of the most effective vaccines that are currently available all over the country. It goes without saying that both of these vaccines have already helped uncountable people stay away from the deadly effects of the virus. This can be considered as the major reason why almost each and every person of the country are showing their keenness to get the vaccine as this is necessary to keep themselves and their loved ones away from the risks of getting infected.

However, it is still one of the biggest questions that who should get the vaccines first. Apparently, everyone should get the vaccine, but there are categorically some people who should mandatorily get the vaccine and should be prioritised first in this regard.

Who should get the vaccine first?

  • Health workers and all the doctors
  • People who are considered as senior citizens or who are more than years old.
  • People with chronic sickness.
  • People with specific medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, asthma, kidney issues or chronic infections.
  • People with a weaker immune system.
  • Mothers who are lactating.
  • People who are having cancer or undergoing the process of cell transplant.

Together it can be easier to fight the deadly disease and terminate the seed of the virus from the planet. However, if you are allergic to anything, then it is always recommended to have a brief consultation with your doctor about this before you arrive for your vaccination. To be mentioned, certain complications may arrive after the vaccination is done such as mild fever, pain in the arm etc. However, most of these are temporary and will be gone very soon. If you are still having doubts about the usability or effectiveness of the vaccines, then you may get in touch with a genuine and reliable medical expert and have a consultation in this regard.