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May 2021

What is the hs-CRP test? A brief description

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on May 09, 2021

There are still a gigantic number of people who are still not aware of this test category. Our liver generates a special component named C-reactive every time any inflammation takes place in the body. No matter which kind of inflammation it is, it can be any specific type of cancer or any inflammation in the heart, our liver responds the same way every time.

According to the opinions of a large number of certified doctors, this is one of the most important tests. As a matter of fact, CRP test is merely a biomarker of types of inflammation. Normal level of CRP is lower than 1mg per litre in human blood and we can be sure of the fact that the risk of inflammation is low in those cases. On the other hand, if the CRP level remains 1-3 mg per litre in the blood, then the risk is average. The problem starts to occur generally if the levels are higher than 3mg per litre in the blood.

HS-CRP test is nothing more than a specific category of CRP tests where HS stands for high sensitivity. As per information collected and verified, measuring chronic inflammation is the major objective of this test. So many people who may be possibly having a risk for vascular diseases or stroke should definitely go for this test for a clear risk assessment.

Just like many other tests, this test is also run depending on the blood samples taken from the patient. Once the sample is examined, you will be getting the test results. As mentioned before, you are out of risk if your CRP level is lower than 1mg in per litre of blood and at a higher risk if it is more than 3mg. You may get connected to a genuine and reliable pathology lab and go for a hs-CRP test to fetch more necessary information in this regard.