May 2020

What is HbA1c Test?

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on May 27, 2020

HbA1c test is majorly necessary for diabetic patients or people with high blood sugar levels. It is also known as Hemoglobin A1c. This diabetes check up is performed to measure the exact blood sugar level. Most of the doctors mandatorily suggest this test to diabetic patients as it essentially helps to plan the medicines for diabetic patients. As a matter of fact, no specific preparations are required before appearing for a HbA1c test. Doctors always suggest going for a sugar profile test at least two times a year.

If the glucose levels are remaining higher in your blood, then the HbA1c will remain greater than usual. In a word, HbA1c blood test plays a key role to help the professionals measure the average glucose level. If a patient is having a family history of diabetes, then it is essentially mandatory for that patient to go for a HbA1c test. Most of the pathology labs are currently having the feature of HbA1c test. Some of the major uses of the HbA1c test are briefly mentioned below for you.

Necessities of HbA1c Test

  • This test helps to fetch information about the average plasma glucose level in your bloodstream.
  • It also helps to measure the amount of glucose stuck in your Red blood cells.
  • HbA1c test is known as the most effective test to detect diabetes or to determine the potential of diabetes.

Unfortunately, it is a fact that people with Hemoglobin related diseases may not get exact results through this test. Besides, some types of liver and kidney diseases may also affect the test results. This is one of the prime reasons why staying connected to any reliable pathology lab is necessary as they can suggest an exact diabetic profile test to you after examining your physical condition.

The hba1c test price is quite reasonable, so get in touch with a reliable pathology lab to know about a diabetic profile test price or to fetch more information in this regard.