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Oct 2022

What is Fatty Liver : A brief on the Diagnostic process

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Oct 26, 2022

When the body fats start to accumulate in the liver, it gives birth to a condition named fatty liver. Sometimes, extreme consumption of alcohol can be the reason for this specific condition. That exact condition is named alcoholic fatty liver disease. The others are considered as non alcoholic fatty liver disease. Fatty liver can be dangerous enough if not detected or treated on time.

Metabolic syndrome can be one of the major possible causes of non alcoholic fatty liver disease. However, this is one of the most concerning matters that most of the time, non alcoholic fatty liver disease comes with almost zero symptoms. However, there are tests that are performed to determine the presence of this disease in the body. A brief on the tests that can help to diagnose the disease are mentioned below.

Which tests are performed to diagnose the disease?

  • Liver Enzyme test
  • Liver Function test
  • Complete blood count
  • Fasting blood sugar
  • Celiac disease screening
  • Hemoglobin A1C
  • Lipid profile

There are certain imagic diagnostic procedures to determine the presence of this disease, such as,

  • Abdominal ultrasound
  • CT scan
  • Transient elastography
  • Magnetic resonance elastography

To be mentioned once again, fatty liver can truly be dangerous for your health if left untreated for so long. However, staying away from unhealthy lifestyle habits like alcohol consumption can keep you away from one specific category of fatty liver disease. You may get in touch with a genuine and reliable medical expert to fetch more necessary information or consult any advanced pathology lab like Thyrocare to get yourself tested.