May 2021

What is a D-dimer test?

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on May 20, 2021

A D-dimer test is mandatorily essential for all those who are suffering from blood clotting disorders. Every time when you start to bleed, your body runs some healing procedure because otherwise the bleeding will never stop and the constant bleeding may lead you slowly towards death. Soon after the bleeding stops, your body won’t be needing a clotting anymore and then your body makes everything normal again by breaking the clot down. D-dimer is something that can be considered as a leftover substance that flows in the blood.

You may have several reasons for blood clotting such as

  • Major surgery can be the reason for blood clotting.
  • Coronavirus infection
  • Any superior injury, which may cause blood clotting
  • Any disease in the immune system
  • In-born disorder of blood clotting
  • Pregnancy

Test preparation

No specific preparations are required to go for this test. The doctor will be fetching a very small amount of blood from your vein, on which the test will be performed. The good part is, the test report does not take too long to arrive generally.

Necessity of the test

In case your body requires a high level of clotting, then similarly your blood will be having high D-dimer levels. D-dimer is one sort of a protein. Not only assessing the D-dimer levels in the blood, a D-dimer test plays a key role in assessing so many things. As per the doctors and medical experts, this test also helps in assessing the risks of pulmonary complexions. Apart from that, this test is also widely known for helping to assess the severity of any disease and this is the reason why many experts agree with the fact that this is a very important test to go for in the concerning hours of pandemic..

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