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Mar 2020

What are the major risk factors for Anemia?

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Mar 31, 2020

Anemia is undoubtedly one of those diseases that can even turn incurable if not detected at the initial stage. Extreme decrement of red blood cells including deficiency of iron are considered as the prime reason behind this disgraceful disease. In some specific cases, Anemia is also well-known for turning fatal.

There are some types of health problems that starts to occur when Anemia takes place. The patient may face pregnancy complications or painful heart issues including heart failure while having Anemia. The heart of an anemia patient fails to pump sufficient amounts of blood that is necessary to terminate the crisis of oxygen in the blood. Besides, Severe fatigue or extreme tiredness can also be felt. In some cases, extreme loss of red blood cells can also passively be the reason for life-threatening complications.

There are so many factors that can be the reason of Anemia. For example, heavier menstrual periods or extreme blood loss may also cause Anemia. Lack of healthy red blood cells can make your body tissues face massive lack of oxygen, which can even turn serious within the shortest possible span of time. Knowingly, iron supplements, vitamin B12 injections etc are used to provide cure to an Anemia patient. However, the greater percentage of certified doctors always suggest to stay away from the major risk factors of Anemia as that can help one avoid serious physical complexions. Some of the prime risk factors of Anemia are briefly mentioned below for you.

5 risk factors of Anemia you should know about

  • If your diet lacks specific types of Vitamins and Minerals, then it may cause Anemia.
  • Intestinal disorders passively affect the absorptions of nutrients, which may cause Anemia.
  • Women who are not having a menopause are more likely to grow Anemia.
  • Kidney failure, Cancer or any other similar kind of chronic condition can be the reason for Anemia
  • Women who are pregnant but still not having multi-vitamin with iron and folic acid.

Apart from all these, you can also have Anemia if you are having a family history of this disease. According to the opinions of so many certified doctors, people above the age of 65 are having a higher risk of growing Anemia. However, the only way to stay away from this disease is to stay alert of the signs and symptoms of this disease.

All types of Anemia can be prevented in a proper manner. However, one must determine the absolute type of Anemia that has occurred. Sufficient intake of food items that are rich in iron and Folate can help one stay away from Anemia. Besides, doctors also suggest to consume a certain amount of Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin C to stay away from the risks of Anemia.

If you make a wise decision of getting in touch with a reliable doctor when the first time you notice aunty visible symptoms of this disease, then it will be easier for you to find a genuine cure for your wellness. If you are having faster heart rates, damaged hair or skin or shortness of breath, then you should make a decision of going for an iron deficiency test as this is necessary to detect this disease at the initial stage.