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Sep 2020

Ways to avoid hypothyroidism complications during pregnancy

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Sep 09, 2020

Hypothyroidism is known as one of the most mentionable thyroid disorders of all time. According to the medical experts, hypothyroidism may turn serious after a certain point of time if not detected or treated on time in a proper manner, especially in pregnant women. As per information fetched, fatigue, depression, sleepiness, hair loss are known as some of the major symptoms of hypothyroidism. As a matter of fact, hypothyroidism also leaves a deep impact on the baby. Some of the most trustworthy ways of avoiding hypothyroidism complications during pregnancy are mentioned below for you.

8 ways to avoid hypothyroidism complications during pregnancy

  • A screening for thyroid diseases is always recommended for all women who are planning pregnancy.
  • Each woman with high blood levels of thyroid antibodies or a family history of thyroid disorders must go for a hypothyroidism test.
  • Women who are currently sub-clinical or having positive antibodies should go for a low dose hormonal therapy.
  • Selenium supplementation can be beneficial for women with high antibody levels during the time of preconception.
  • Women who have gone for a thyroid hormone replacement before their pregnancy should also go for a test as the determined dose of medication may increase.
  • Each dosing must be monitored in a proper manner through frequent blood testing as some women may need a higher dose of hormonal replacement.
  • The dosage of thyroid hormone replacement also must be monitored even after pregnancy using the TSH value.
  • Women with hypothyroidism before conception should certainly continue their pre-pregnancy dose of thyroid hormone within a couple of weeks.

Just because of the massive development of medical science, it has already become possible for so many women with hypothyroidism to stay away from potential risk factors before or during pregnancy. Get in touch with a certified doctor to fetch more necessary information in this regard.