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Jun 2020

Trustworthy tips to protect senior citizens from Covid-19

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Jun 29, 2020

Nowadays, it is known to almost every person of the world that Covid-19 is the name of a fatal disease that is caused by coronavirus. No antidotes of this disease have been discovered yet which is one of the most mentionable matters of concern. Undoubtedly, this can be considered as the key reason why each and every person must take all kinds of necessary precautionary measures as that can help them stay away from the risk factors of this disease.

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According to the specialists, senior citizens should mostly be protected during this dark period of pandemic. As a matter of fact, senior citizens are having a higher risk of catching this disease rather than children or adults. This is the major reason why we must provide extra care to them and also take care of their mental health in this concerning hours. Some of the most trustworthy tips to protect senior citizens from Covid-19 are briefly mentioned below for you.

7 Effective tips to protect senior citizens

  • Suggest your elders to stay in home quarantine completely and help them do so by bringing all the essential commodities or any of the things that they need.
  • Always make a wise decision of maintaining at least 1 metre of distance with any of the aged persons you live with for their safety only. If possible, discuss the matter with them in brief.
  • Forbid them to visit even their closest relatives as that may turn into a risk factor for you or any of your loved ones also. Suggest them to stay connected virtually.
  • Help them grow good habits of washing hands or rubbing hands with alcohol based sanitizers after touching any external surface or object.
  • Help them grow good food habits and maintain a healthier diet. For example, Spinach, cabbage, palak, fresh berries, goava, orange etc are known as healthy ones for elder citizens among fruits. On the other hand, consumption of green tea, coconut water, milk can also be beneficial for senior citizens.
  • Suggest them necessary physical activities or help them continue any exercising activities like walking around the house premises or inside the building premises.
  • Help them manage their existing physical diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension or any kind of neurological disorders. COVID-19 antibody test can help detect whether persons has antibodies to the virus.

Apart from all these, helping them maintain their mental health is also very necessary. Depression is common among senior citizens, so always try to make them feel better when they are locked in-home quarantine as this is also necessary to make them stay in happily and prevent from getting in touch with an infected person.

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