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Jun 2020

Trustworthy diet lifestyle tips to manage Dengue

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Jun 04, 2020

Dengue can easily be considered as one of the most disgraceful diseases of all time. This disease is spread by infected daytime mosquitoes. This disease is well known for turning serious within a very short span of time and it is also known for turning fatal if not detected or treated on time. Unfortunately, so many of us are not well aware of the symptoms of this disease and that’s why sometimes it becomes harder to differentiate dengue and ordinary fevers.

This disease has already claimed so many innocent lives all over the country. This is the prime reason why taking precautionary measures is necessary. Unfortunately, we can’t always seek medical attention as quickly as we want or sometimes we go for it when the disease has already crossed a certain stage. This is why we must have knowledge about the tips to manage this disease. Some of the diet lifestyle tips to manage dengue are briefly mentioned below for you.

Diet lifestyle tips to manage dengue

  • Staying hydrated is highly important. Drink plenty of fluids everyday.
  • Doctors suggest high protein diets with standard hydration as that can help to stay away from the chances of Dengue.
  • Maintain a healthy platelet count by consuming broccoli, spinach etc.
  • Papaya juice, leaves or tablets can also be consumed.
  • Always try to avoid oily and spicy food items as that may also cause increased acidity.
  • Mostly try to consume those food items that seem easily digestible to you.