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Jun 2020

Tricks to stay calm during the concerning hours of Pandemic

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Jun 29, 2020

The fatal disease named covid-19 has already left a negative in the regular lifestyle of people all over the globe. It is almost impossible to stay calm for any of us as the number of infected people are gradually increasing day by day. The most miserable fact is, no antidotes have been introduced yet that can provide complete cure from this fatal disease or prevent this disease from entering a human body.

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It is a known fact that staying quarantined for so long is seeming difficult for a gigantic number of people already and this is hugely affecting their mental health. Mostly, people with pre-existing mental health conditions are suffering the most. Not only the senior citizens, adults and children are also going through a critical anxious condition. However, we must stay calm during such a dark hour. Some tricks are mentioned below for you that can help one stay calm during the concerning hours of pandemic.

7 Tricks to stay calm during the hours of pandemic

  • Convince yourself that it is okay to feel whatever you are feeling right now. This is necessary to maintain a stable mental health.
  • Talk about your feelings and mental depression to any of your loved ones. It helps a person to help even a critical condition.
  • Try your best to build up a positive mindset using every possible way.
  • Try to stay entertained most of the time. Read books, listen to music, watch movies or do whatever helps you to stay relaxed.
  • Maintain a perfect schedule for each day and work according to that schedule. A routined lifestyle is always less depressive.
  • Have a walk around your neighbourhood for a short span of time with all the safety tools. It will certainly help to bring a bit of change.
  • Social media is an effective tool that can help you stay stress free. Manage a bit of time to spend on social media as that can passively help you stay entertained.

At some points, try to stay away from the conversations, news and articles that are related to coronavirus as that also creates a massive amount of pressure on any individual. It is okay to take a break sometimes. Also, try to give more time to your family as it can passively help you improve their mental health also as well as yours. You can also go for Coronavirus (COVID-19) Test or Covid-19 Antibody Test to know your exact health status.

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