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Mar 2023

Toxic colors can be extremely harmful for health : How to stay safe this Holi?

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Mar 06, 2023

The festival of colors has almost stepped in and we all can deeply feel its very familiar vibe full of vividness and pure joy. As it is one of the most famous Indian festivals, almost every single person of the country takes part in this festival and enjoys the precious and colorful moments with their loved ones. The concerning matter is, so many of them still do not have any idea how much harm the toxic colors may cause to them.

Don’t let physical issues ruin your enjoyment during the glorious hours of the festival. Having sound knowledge about the diseases that can be caused by toxic colors may help you stay away from it. Use of poorly made artificial colors with added water is so common during Holi, which may cause physical problems. Let’s take a look at some of those physical issues that may take place because of the bad impact of the toxic colors.

What are the diseases that may take place because of toxic colors?

  • Rhinitis is a type of allergy that induces inflammatory issues in the nasal membrane and this allergy occurs because of the negative impact of toxic colors.
  • If someone inhales any color that is rich in chemical agents then pneumonitis may take place, which occurs with symptoms like difficulty in breathing, chest congestion etc.
  • Certain categories of colors used in Holi contain PM10 particles that may damage the airways and passively increase the risks of asthma.

There are certain precautionary measures that you must take from your end to stay away from the harmful impacts of the toxic colors. Take a glance at the tricks that can effectively help you ensure your wellbeing while enjoying Holi with all the enthusiasm and craze.

Precautions to avoid bad effects of toxic colors

  • Use natural colors as those are safer than the ordinary chemically-rich colors.
  • Wear a dust mask to get the best protection for your lungs as well as the airways.
  • Apply olive or coconut oil on your skin before you step out of your home to play with colors. It will help your skin skip the bad impacts of the colors and you will be able to have fun without any worries.
  • Don’t eat or drink anything if your face and hands are coated with wet and dry colors as you may accidentally consume the colors directly and physical intake of those colors may be the reason for certain health issues in your body.

It’s not really a big deal to stay safe during the magical hours of Holi. Let the festival of colors bring amaze and enlightenment to your heart. Wishing you heavenly blessings for this grand festival. We pray that your joyful moments stay much away from the dark effects of the toxic colors.