Jan 2022

Tips to improve nervous system

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Jan 10, 2022

Nervous system is one of the major and crucial parts of our human body. Nervous system is responsible for our many major bodily functions such as, this helps to maintain our heartbeat, helps in our digestion, maintain body temperature and posture. They help in doing these functions because of the nerves and cells that carry messages from our brain and deliver them to our body parts.

Any disruption in this cycle may affect the entire nervous system, as a result they fail to do any primary functions. This is why it is important to keep your nervous system in a healthy and balanced state. Here are some tips to improve the nervous system.

5 Tips you should follow to improve the nervous system

  • Use enough vitamin B to protect your nervous system: Myelin sheath is a protective coat that every nerve has. Damaged myelin sheath can cause Alzheimer's disease, hence, it is significant to consume enough of vitamin B12. Folate also protects the nerves from chemical damages. In beest, spinach, pomegranate, you can find this folate vitamin. Vitamin B12 can be found in eggs, seafoods and beef.
  • Certain nutrients are needed to protect the nerves: For good nerve health, they need certain nutrients like vitamins, minerals, calcium, potassium, and protein. Eat Enough oranges, bananas, pomegranates, they are high in potassium, Leafy vegetables, milk, eggs are rich with calcium. Also, consume foods rich with calcium. Consume foods rich in tryptophan, such as dark chocolate.
  • Daily exercise is essential to improve the nervous system: Daily exercise is really beneficial for your health, as this strengthens muscles and also exercises strengthen the peripheral nervous system. Not only physical exercise, you have to train your brain by solving puzzles or riddles daily for 10 minutes for your nervous system’s good health. These brain exercises will help you to prevent stroke, memory loss, paralysis, etc.
  • Get some good quality sleep to maintain your nervous system: Plenty of sleep is really needed for your good physical health as well as mental health. Likewise, sleep is essential for your nervous system to work appropriately. Lack of sleep can develop sleep disorders like insomnia.
  • Do regular meditation: Meditation is really helpful for relaxation of your body and mind. Daily 10 to 15v minutes of meditation may soothe your nerves to work better. This will also improve your heart rate and blood pressure issues.

Other than all these tips, it is also important to stay well hydrated and drink at least two cups of green tea every day in addition to maintaining your heart and nerve’s health. Also, you have to cut off too much consumption of caffeine and alcohol. All these tips will definitely improve and boost your nervous system’s health.