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Oct 2021

Things you should know about before choosing a laboratory

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Oct 08, 2021

The development in Medical science has made it much easier for the patients to get faster and efficient treatment. These scientific developments have an important role as a patient's life is dependent on it. The patients rely on the medical tests arranged in the clinical laboratory for their medical treatments. Whereas any small mistake in these tests can lead to fatal results. For example if a patient is treated based on a false test result that can lead to his/her untimely death.

Choosing the right laboratory and the right equipment for the medical tests is very important. Studies say nearly 2,51,000 deaths occurred in the United States due to medical negligence and the mistakes during the medical tests in the laboratory. False medical reports lead to wrong diagnosis. Every individual has gone through medical tests whether it is a blood test or test to identify a disease. If the medical tests provide errors then the treatments will also be fatal. The laboratory, research centers, pharmaceutical companies are required to have high quality lab equipment to perform a variety of tests. The labs which consider the quality of the equipment can provide the accurate results to the patients.

Factors to remember while choosing right laboratory:

  • Proper equipments: The laboratory that has highly advanced technology and equipment should be considered by the patients for diagnosing their diseases. The quality must be kept in mind offered by the lab. If the medical equipment is not advanced then it cannot be trusted.
  • Services: While considering the service provided by the lab, the patients must need to check if the staff and professionals are taking the samples, how are they collecting the samples, how do they handle the collected samples, if the samples are not contaminated. Whether the labs provide results within time. Is there any instances of test report or sample swapping previously etc. The patients must check these things before going to a clinical laboratory.
  • Accreditation: It is one of the most important things to remember before choosing a particular laboratory if the lab is ISO certified. In India the National accreditation Board for Testing provides certificates to the testing laboratories. It certifies the labs which have correct equipment and competent Experts. If the lab is accredited by the health department or globally certified then one can easily believe in its service.
  • Product Specification: The patients need to compare and research over the brands of the products used in laboratories. It is important to evaluate the technical features before considering any lab for the medical tests. It should be made sure if they can provide the best service. The quality of the equipment must be considered while conducting the tests.
  • Hygiene: The hygiene of the laboratory is the most important part of the clinical laboratories. In the medical field the maintenance of the hygiene in the lab should be kept in mind by the authority. The contamination of samples is one of the fatal mistakes commonly done by the laboratories. Sometimes the swapping of the samples can put an individual in great danger.it can lead them to wrong treatment also. So a responsive and hygienic environment is their responsibility to be provided to the patient.

So whenever it comes to a person's health one must keep these things in mind and ensure the best quality of testing. It is best to consult a doctor or research profoundly to get the best testing service according to the needs.

Choosing a right laboratory is not a big challenge anymore as most of the genuine and reliable laboratories are now available at your doorstep. Get in touch with any of them today to fetch more necessary information in this regard.