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May 2021

Things to do when you test positive for Covid-19

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on May 19, 2021

It is hard to find a single person who is not aware of the deadly rampage of the dangerous respiratory disease named Covid-19 that has already claimed a huge number of innocent lives all over the globe. So many people have already tested positive and some of them have already reached the path of cure because of plasma therapy or the newly introduced vaccines. Unfortunately, there are still a number of failed cases and some of the patients have expired also.

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If you have noticed any symptoms of covid in you or you have tested positive, don’t panic. There remains a chance that it's still not too late and it will be possible for the medical experts to provide you proper treatment facilities. Things to do when you have already tested positive for Covid-19 are mentioned below for you.

10 things to do when you have tested positive for covid-19

  • Move to complete isolation as you may turn into a danger for your loved ones or others. Take time to accept your exact condition.
  • Make a list of options of how exactly you will be having your treatment or the treating facilities you can avail.
  • Inform all those people who had physical contact with you in the past few days that you remember.
  • Book any covid treatment package at any health checkup centre immediately.
  • Create a perfect schedule for yourself during the days you have been in quarantine.
  • Get things that are required for every Covid patient like pulse oximeter, spirometer including a digital thermometer and also necessary health supplements.
  • Analyze your health status each day in a proper manner. If possible, stay connected with any experienced medical expert. Your blood pressure, body temperature, appetite, pulse rate, oxygen saturation everything must be well-tested.
  • Keep yourself busy in every possible way,. A bit of mind diversion is needed to reach the path of wellness.
  • Also, do not forget about your mental health. Try to stay calm and happy as much as possible during the hours of concern.
  • Act responsibly. Do not do or consume anything without the recommendation of any medical expert. Each of your actions have their own consequences.

To be mentioned again, do not panic. There are many treating facilities and the fatality rate is still not 100%. Stay connected with any genuine medical centre to get complete guidance during the most concerning hours of your illness.

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