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Jan 2022

The reinfection risk of Omicron variant and Covid-19 : What We know

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Jan 25, 2022

Coronavirus has already caused the pandemic that has single handedly stopped the entire world. As we all know, this critical respiratory disease has already claimed so many lives all over the world. On the other hand, the constant mutation of this virus is another major reason behind the increasing terror of it.

Although some of the most effective vaccines have already been introduced, reportedly a lot of people are getting reinfected. It is certainly good news that vaccinated people are at a lower risk of facing fatal complexions because of covid-19, although, there remains a chance of getting reinfected. This can be considered as the prime reason why being vaccinated is the most mentionable precaution so far.

A brief on the reinfection risks

Getting reinfected is nothing new in the hours of pandemic. So many people who have already survived this pandemic have caught the virus for the second time. As a matter of fact, if you have already survived from the coronavirus infection, you can still get infected with the omicron variant. If you are vaccinated, it is also necessary to get the booster as per the introduction of the medical experts.

It is a fact that the people who are not vaccinated are at a higher risk of dying because of Covid-19 as long as the matter of reinfection is concerned. Just like omicron, many other variants may take place because of the frequent mutation of this dangerous virus and there still remains a chance of getting reinfected. This is one of the most mentionable reasons why getting vaccinated is hugely necessary. There is only one way to stop getting reinfected, the precautions.

As much as we know, the risk of getting reinfected is still there and your negligence in taking precautions can be deadly for you and your loved ones. In other words, do not even think of stopping taking precautionary measures if you have survived from this deadly disease once. In case you notice any of the symptoms getting visible in you, you should immediately get in touch with a medical expert to know about further steps to be taken. Besides, go for an rt pcr test near you to determine the presence of the virus in you. Knowingly, rt-pcr test cost is not really high.