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May 2021

The New Covid-19 Strain : More infectious or not?

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on May 21, 2021

Being known as the worst news, the terror has made a massive comeback with a new face. The new strain of Covid-19 has already started to spread and reportedly the number of infected people are hugely increasing day by day. The fight against coronavirus is still not over and getting more difficult day by day. In this concerning situation, it is necessary to have sound knowledge about the newly occurring kind of coronavirus and also about it’s severity to transmit and infect.

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Genetic change in the virus is the major reason behind its mutation, which is the most concerning matter at this very moment. However, although a certain number of medical experts suspect that the majority of indian population is having a mild covid infection, it is still difficult to achieve herd immunity for us. It will be the best for us if we keep following all the precautionary measures just like we used to.

5 Things to know about this new strain

  • Generates severe or milder symptoms in people.
  • Available test facilities can determine its presence.
  • The newly introduced vaccines work on it and it is possible to get a cure.
  • It spreads from one person to another more easily.
  • It can change the effectiveness of the vaccines.

It goes without saying that we have only one way to stay away from this terror. None of us should be casual regarding the protections we should take and the medical experts are suggesting us to take. Social distancing should be maintained completely including all the other precautionary measures like wearing a mask and washing hands. Additionally, groceries should also be washed in a proper manner to avoid transmission of this virus through food consumption. Get connected to a medical expert to fetch more necessary information in this regard.

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