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Nov 2020

The Digestive Process : What is the role of your pancreas

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Nov 27, 2020

Pancreas is a palm-sized organ that is located just at the back of the stomach. As a matter of fact, pancreas plays the most important role in digestion. During the ongoing process of digestion, our pancreas generates certain types of enzymes that play the lead role in breaking the sugar, fat and starches. A brief about the enzymes that are created by pancreas during the digestion process are mentioned below for you.

Pancreatic enzymes

  • Lipase: This enzyme works with a specific type of enzyme produced by the liver named Bile to break down the fat in your diet. Deficiency of Lipase can reduce your ability to absorb fat.
  • Protease: This specific kind of enzyme helps to break down the protein in your diet. It also plays the major role to keep yourself protected from the germs remaining in your intestines.
  • Amylase: Amylase helps to break down starches into sugar. Deficiency of Amylase can be the reason for diarrhea.

A brief on Pancreatic hormones

  • Insulin is one of the major pancreatic hormones that are created in the beta cells. Insulin helps the human body to create energy from the sugar.
  • Glucagon is also one of the most important pancreatic hormones. When the blood sugar starts to decrease, it knocks the liver to release stored sugar.
  • Gastrin and amylin are also two major pancreatic hormones. Gastrin is made in the G cells and Amylin is made in the beta cells. Gastrin helps the stomach to make gastric acid and amylin helps to control appetite.

General pancreatic problems

  • If the beta cells of Pancreas fail to produce enough insulin or your body loses the ability to use the produced insulin, then it may give birth to diseases like diabetes.
  • When the pancreas gets inflamed, then it may give birth to pancreatitis. As a matter of fact, pancreatitis is known for causing massive abdominal pain.
  • Greater percentage of the pancreatic cancers begin in the enzyme generating cells. Knowingly, weight loss, indigestion and fatty stools are some of the major symptoms of it.

The role of pancreas is undeniable in digesting food and also to use the energy that remains in the sugar. Get in touch with a genuine medical expert to fetch more necessary information in this regard.