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Feb 2022

The best air purifying plants for your home

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Feb 02, 2022

Getting fresh air to breathe has already become one of the major challenges for a huge number of people. As a matter of fact, people who live around busy suburbs, always breathe in an air full of dust and dirt, which leaves so many negative impacts on their respiratory system. This is the reason why it is always necessary to breathe in fresh air.

Undeniably, there lies the importance of the air purifying plants. Filtering the air and getting the freshest quality of air is not a major challenge if you have already made a wise decision of keeping some of the most amazing air purifying plants at home. Most of these plants are available even at your nearby nurseries also. A brief on some of those plants are given below for you.

Best air purifier indoor plants

  • Snake plant is one of the most popular air purifying plants. Being also known as the mother in law’s tongue, this indoor plant is also reputed as a low maintenance plant too.
  • Peace lily is known for being one of the most gorgeous plants of all time. However, this is also known as one of the most amazing air purifying plants.
  • The name of Golden Pothos also come in this list. Golden pothos is one of the most lesser known but fantastic air purifying plants.
  • Spider plants have a wide reputation of being one of the most low maintenance plants. However, spider plants can filter many toxin elements from their ambience.
  • Dracaenas are also the first choice of so many plant parents because it is one of the most perfect air purifying plants. However, it can be toxic to pets.
  • Boston fern is also one of the most lesser known names. However, this plant can also purify the air and eliminate some toxin elements.
  • Rubber plant is a tropical native that has always been known for being attractive. It is not hard to find plant parents who go for this plant for its amazing air purifying ability.

Apart from all these, areca palm, lady palm etc are also some of the most amazing air purifier plants that you must keep at your favourite compounds. It will certainly be a good decision if you keep those house plants around your balcony or bedroom as it can nourish the ambient like never before.