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Jun 2021

Tests you must take even after recovering from Covid-19

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Jun 28, 2021

It is a well known fact that the rampage of the deadly coronavirus is still hugely increasing day by day and this is the major reason why reportedly the number of infected people are still increasing in several corners of the world. Although some of the most effective vaccines have already been introduced, the transmission rate is not too low so far, which has already increased the concerns of common people.

This can be considered as good news that so many of us have already been able to defeat this deadly virus. However, Covid-19 can leave so many negative impacts on some organs of your body even after your immune system has defeated the disease. As a matter of fact, some of such negative impacts may even turn into life-threatening complications. Knowingly, headache, confusion, short term memory loss etc are some of such kinds of complications that may keep turning worse day by day and undoubtedly, there lies the importance of post covid tests. Some of the most important post covid tests are mentioned below for you.

7 tests that are necessary even after defeating Covid-19

  • IgG antibody test: This specific antibody test is clearly considered as one of the most important tests to go for after a person has survived Covid-19. Knowingly, an IgG test can help to determine the current presence of IgG antibodies in a person that should remain present after defeating Covid-19. If it remains present in the bloodstream, the donating plasma can help to save another person.
  • Complete blood count (CBC) test: CBC test is also considered as one of the highly necessary tests after one has survived from Covid-19. Each of us should go for a CBC test once we have defeated Covid-19 to know how exactly the body has responded to the disease.
  • Glucose and Cholesterol test: In some specific cases, people have faced abnormalities in their glucose levels and cholesterol levels after defeating Covid-19. Certainly, this is the reason why these two tests are also necessary.
  • Neurofunction test: As a matter of fact, a large number of patients have faced some kinds of psychological and neurological symptoms, which may surely cause multiple issues in daily life. Having these tests done after any of us has defeated Covid-19 can help to reduce the amount of risks.
  • Vitamin D test: Vitamin D is a highly necessary nutrient that massively supports our natural immune system and this is exactly why a Vitamin-D test is important for all of us. Even after the recovery from the deadly respiratory disease, you may face the deficiency of Vitamin-D and this test can undoubtedly help you gain information about that.
  • Cardiac Screening: A cardiac screening is necessary for two reasons. Firstly, to assess the amount of damage the disease has made on you. Secondly, to be sure about whether it is leaving any long term effects on your cardiac health or not.
  • Lung function test: Probably the test that matters the most. A lung function test can help the doctors know about the damages that have been made by the respiratory disease, which is necessary to find a cure. Besides, any pre-existing complexions of lung functionality can also be detected and the treatment response can be monitored through this test.

All these test facilities are now available in most of the health checkup centres of the country. To be mentioned again, each of these tests are important even after you have survived from the deadly disease for keeping yourself and your loved ones away from several risks. Get in touch with a reliable pathology lab today to fetch more necessary information in this regard.