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Apr 2021

Tastelessness : Normal Flu vs Covid-19

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Apr 01, 2021

The ongoing pandemic has already defined the reason behind staying aware and alert of the symptoms of this disease. As per the doctors, sometimes even a tough disease can be cured completely if it can be detected at the right moment and all the necessary actions are taken. This is one of the mentionable reasons why medical experts and all the broadcastable channels are trying their best to always keep us aware of the symptoms of this disease.

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However, the problem lies in a deeper zone. There are still so many cases where people are seen being confused between the symptoms of covid and any other similar kind of disease. This is harmful and deadly at the same time and it can be dangerous for so many people at a time. For example, any normal flu can lead us towards fever and Covid-19 comes with a fever initially, so it is very easy to get confused. This can be considered as the major reason why having a brief consultation about any disease with any certified medical expert is always necessary.

Similarly, tastelessness is one of the most mentionable symptoms of Covid-19. However, the problem is, this is the symptom of any other normal cold and flu and this is why anybody can be confused. It goes without saying that the result can never be satisfactory if you treat your body like a normal flu when you are infected by coronavirus. Most of all, it can even be deadly. This is why the difference between normal tastelessness and the covid-caused tastelessness should be known to everyone.

Tastelessness because of any normal flu will not be making your tongue entirely tasteless. In other words, you will still be having a silly feel of tastes. Apart from that, that is also not any long term tastelessness. On the other hand, if you are having Covid-19, you will possibly be feeling no tastes at all. In case of covid, the entire feeling of having tastes disappears totally. According to the medical experts, this one can be considered as the major difference between these two kinds of tastelessness. If you are feeling less taste while consuming any food, it is always recommended to get connected with any certified medical expert or any nearby pathology lab immediately and have a covid-19 test to have a bird’s eye view of your exact physical condition.

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