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Oct 2020

Some of the most lesser known facts about food allergy

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Oct 01, 2020

Food allergy can easily be considered as one of the most disgraceful disorders of all time as well as food intolerance. The disability of digesting certain kinds of foods is known as food allergy. However, there is a very silly difference between food allergy and food intolerance. Food intolerance may take place just because of some kinds of digestive issues that can easily be treated with certain kinds of medications within a very short span of time. On the other hand, food allergy only occurs when a human body starts to treat any certain kind of food as an invader. This can easily be considered as one of the major reasons why food allergy is generally treated with more care than food intolerance in most of the cases as it may even be life-threatening. Go for a food intolerance test or a food intolerance profile test to minimize the life-threatening effects of the food intolerance disorder.

Unfortunately, there are still a gigantic number of people who are not having any prominent ideas about food allergy and this is the prime reason why so many people have no idea how to take precautionary measures against it. As a matter of fact, Nasal congestion, coughing, wheezing, abdominal pain and swelling of tongue are known as some of the major symptoms of food allergy. You must seek medical attention immediately in case any of these symptoms are visible in you or any of your loved ones. Some more lesser known facts about food allergy are mentioned below for you.

10 most lesser known facts about food allergy

  • Food allergies are known for occurring in any lower hispanic children.
  • Children with asthma and any other kinds of allergies are at a higher risk of growing food allergies.
  • The reactions of food allergy can even involve lungs, skin, eye, mouth and brain.
  • Allergies to foods like wheat, milk and age sometimes disappears with age.
  • Sometimes, insect stings may also lead to allergic reactions.
  • Anaphylaxis is well-known as an allergic reaction that is life threatening. Fortunately, not all kinds of allergic reactions are considered as Anaphylaxis.
  • Avoiding the allergens is still the most trustworthy and effective way to treat a food allergy.
  • As a matter of fact, Epinephrine is considered as the major treating way for anaphylaxis.
  • A person with food allergies should always read the food labels carefully before consuming it.
  • At some points, badly cooked food items can also be the reason for food allergy.

However, minor food allergies can not be life threatening and they can be treated with medicines only. If your food allergy belongs to the minor category, then the prescribed antihistamines can help you get complete cure from the food allergy. Aparat from that, some drugs are also prescribed to the patient in some specific cases. All these kinds of prescribed drugs should be consumed after the intake of the suspected foods. However, this is also necessary to find out the exact reason of the allergy before a treatment and there lies the necessity of a test.

Food allergy may occur anytime and make you face serious physical complexions within a very short span of time. This is the reason why one must not make a regrettable decision of ignoring the symptoms of food allergy. According to the opinions of the greater percentage of medical experts, people with food allergy symptoms should quickly seek medical attention as it has always been a known fact that sometimes food allergies can be life threatening also. To be mentioned again, get a thyrocare food intolerance profile test today, to determine if you have this disorder or not.