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Oct 2022

Skin Rash : Causes, types and treatment

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Oct 30, 2022

Although not as serious as other critical diseases that may turn deadly, skin rash may also turn painful for anybody who is suffering from it. Skin rash is extremely common and may take place anytime. The best way to avoid skin rashes is to stay away from the factors that can be the reason for skin rash. Unfortunately, only a few of us are well aware of the causes of skin rash. Some of the most mentionable causes and types of skin rash are mentioned below for you.

Causes of skin rash

  • Scorching heat of summer
  • Skin infections
  • Any type of allergy
  • Direct contact with any poisonous substance, plant or animal
  • Direct contact with any non-suitable cosmetic, soap or similar chemical products

Types of Skin Rash

  • Eczema is one of the most common categories of skin rashes that affects children too.
  • Granuloma Annulare is one kind of chronic skin infection that causes skin rashes.
  • Lichen Planus is also a type of skin rash that appears like skin bumps with flat tops.
  • Urticaria is also a specific category of skin rash that may last up to six weeks.

Apart from all these, Psoriasis and Actinic Keratosis are also two common categories of skin rashes that so many people are suffering from. Skin rashes can be extremely itchy as well as irritating. Increasing number of skin rashes can make you face critical inflammation during the summer season and this is the reason why getting medical attention as well as necessary treatments is a must as soon as the skin rashes start to get visible in your body.

Treatment process of skin rashes

Tests like allergy testing, skin biopsy, blood test etc may take place before the skin therapy starts. The medical experts can suggest skin medicines that can be used externally on the areas where the skin rash has taken place. However, the cause of skin rashes must be determined first because as mentioned before, diseases like measle pox, chicken pox etc can also be the reason for painful skin rashes. It is best to get in touch with a genuine and reliable medical expert or at least to consult any advanced pathology lab like Thyrocare to know about necessary steps to be taken when the skin rashes start to appear.

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