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Sep 2020

Simple exercises for a healthy baby you must know about

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Sep 07, 2020

Pregnancy is a blessing if it can be handled carefully. Each pregnant woman must be treated with complete care otherwise it can be very harmful for both the mother and the baby. There is a misconception that just sitting back and having complete relaxation during the hours of pregnancy is the most essential thing to do. However, certain kinds of exercises are also recommended.

According to the doctors, parental fitness is essential for the baby. That is the reason why each and every pregnant woman should certainly get involved in certain types of physical activities.

There are many things to follow before an exercise. For example, a pregnant woman should always wear loose and comfortable clothes and must not get involved in exercise soon after having a meal. Some of the most simple exercises for having a health baby are mentioned below for you.

5 simple exercises for a healthy baby

  • Walking has always been considered as one of the simplest exercises for every pregnant woman. It can help a pregnant woman avoid gaining abdominal fat.
  • Pelvic stretches and tilts are one of the most beneficial exercises for pregnant women and it may help to have a normal and smoother delivery. Pelvic tilts also helps to manage labor pain.
  • Kegel exercises are also necessary as it strengthens the muscles supporting the bladder. Five sets of kegels a day are recommended for every pregnant woman.
  • Yoga is one of the most effective forms of exercise. Parental yoga is hugely necessary and has so many physical benefits. It can improve muscle strength and stamina, help to combat lower back pain and shortness of breath, improve sleep quality and remove stress and anxiety.
  • The cobbler pose, also known as tailor pose, helps to stretch and open the pelvic area. This exercise plays a key role to strengthen the hips and the thigh muscles. It also helps a lot to ease lower back pain.

However, a woman must not get involved in any physical exercise if suffering from certain health conditions like chest pain, headache, nausea, irregular heartbeat, difficulty in breathing or abdominal pain. Get in touch with a certified doctor to fetch more necessary information in this regard.