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Aug 2022

Preventive measures to stay away from fever

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Aug 29, 2022

Fever is one of those diseases that so many of us have already experienced more than once. As a matter of fact, fever is a common physical complexion but it comes with several kinds of uneasiness and sicknesses. Fever can also turn critically serious and there are reportedly so many cases where fever has taken lives. This is one of the most mentionable matters that we shouldn’t deal with fever casually and seek medical attention immediately soon after the occurrence of the earliest signs and symptoms of it.

As a matter of fact, headache, weakness, dizziness, lack of energy, high sensitivity to pain etc are considered as some of the most mentionable symptoms of a fever. Fever may take place because of so many reasons. A person’s body can catch fever soon after getting in touch with another person who is already suffering from viral fever. On the other hand, sometimes fever comes with cold and flu and this is why the occurrence of fever is very common during the monsoon or the winter season. However, this is necessary to have sound knowledge about the types or categories of fever because having information about those may help us stay away from the factors that can be the reason for fever. A brief on the types of fever are mentioned below for you.

Categories of fever

  • Sudden fever: So far, dengue is known as one of the most primary causes behind a sudden occurrence of fever. Tiredness, body ache, headache etc are some of the most mentionable symptoms of it.
  • Intermittent fever: Certain bacterial or parasitic infections can be the reason for this specific category of fever. Soon after your body catches it, you may experience an overnight increment of body temperature.
  • Rheumatic fever: Knowingly, rheumatic fever is commonly caused by streptococcal bacterias. This specific category of fever may cause something more than just rising body temperature such as infection in the throat, headache, inflammation etc.
  • Continuous or remittent fever: Bacterial infections like urinary tract infection, pneumonia, typhoid etc are some of the most mentionable reasons behind this specific category of fever.

Any of these categories of fever can easily turn severe if not detected or treated at the beginning period. Sometimes we miss the symptoms of fever because of the busy schedule of life and tons of other pressures that need to be handled and the fever keeps turning serious with time. This can be considered as the prime reason why the necessary precautionary measures should be taken that can help us stay away from the chances of catching fever. Some of the most mentionable precautionary measures that can be taken to avoid fever are mentioned below for you.

Precautionary measures to avoid fever

  • Wash your hands properly soon after coming back home from the outside
  • Be careful about not getting close to any person who is already infected.
  • Do not forget to wear the mask every time you step out of the house.
  • Stay away from getting in direct contact with the raindrops.
  • Take medications immediately soon after having a cold or flu.
  • Use mosquito repellent or nets to stay away from the harmful attacks of mosquitoes.
  • Keep necessary steps to keep your immune system strong enough to fight fever.
  • Seek medical attention immediately at the first sign of the fever.

It goes without saying that precaution is better than cure. Taking all the above mentioned preventive measures can certainly help you stay out of the chances of fever. However, this is still one of the biggest challenges so far to understand which particular factor is working behind the type of fever that you are experiencing. This can be considered as one of the most mentionable reasons why a fever profile test is highly necessary. As a matter of fact, the demand and popularity of the fever profile blood test has increased a lot because a huge number of people have already shown keenness to go for this test during the days of pandemic.

It is now easier to avail the facilities of a fever profile test as so many genuine and reliable pathology labs have already started to provide world class fever test services all over the country. Most of these modern diagnostic centres are providing advanced test facilities for a very reasonable price, so you don’t need to worry about carrying a mountain-sized expense. Nowadays, free home sample collection facilities have also been made enabled from their end and this is why you don;t even need to worry about visiting the pathology labs physically. Consult an advanced pathology lab today to know about a fever profile test price in detail.