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Jan 2019

PET CT Scan: Definition, procedure, purpose and result

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Jan 11, 2019

Pet CT Scan: A medical technology that can terminate your worries

The name of Pet Ct Scan is not unknown anymore to the greater percentage of people. There was a time when it was literally impossible for the hospitals and most of the healthcare points to gain each and every necessary information about the internal condition of a patient;’s body or to know about the activities of cells in a human body. However, just because of the aggressive development of medical science, each and every of the above mentioned issues have reached a dead end.

As per information fetched and verified, Pet CT Scan is basically the procedure of passing a radioactive ray through a human body to gain information about the activities of cells. As per information fetched and verified, Pet CT Scan is merely used for cancer detection in human body most of the time. From blood flow to oxygen, a pet CT scan helps the doctors measure so many things in a human body.

Procedure of Pet CT Scan

It goes without saying that the use of Pet CT Scan is aggressively increasing day by day in several parts of the country. Most of the hospitals and healthcare points now a day are showing their keenness to enable the facility of Pet CT scan as this is considered by many as one of the most advanced medical technologies. The exact procedure of Pet CT Scan is briefly evaluated below for you:

The procedure of Pet CT Scan starts with putting a dye inside the body that contains radioactive tracers. The procedure of putting it inside varies as per the condition of the patients. The tracers are sometimes swallowed or inhaled. In some cases, the tracers are also into a vein or any specific part of human body that is required to be examined, then some specific tissues and organs absorb the tracers and help it reach at its destination inside the body. When this procedure is over, the tracers even help the doctors know that every necessary organs, tissues and veins are working in a proper manner or not.

The infected part of human body usually has more chemical activities than the other similar parts, the tracers play a key role to find the part and indicate the part with bright spots.

Purpose of Pet CT Scan

Knowingly, getting necessary information about the internal condition of any infected part of human body can not be considered as the only purpose of Pet CT Scan. It is not possible for the doctors to measure the blood flow or oxygen intake of a human body without running a Pet CT Scan in a proper manner. Apart from that, problems in the cellular level can also be detected through a proper Pet Ct Scan.

Pet Ct scan is mostly used all over the globe to detect Cancer, Heart Problems, Brain Disorders and nervous system issues. Apart from the detection of cancer, Pet CT Scan is also done to see that the medicines for cancer are working in a proper manner or not. On the other hand, Pet Ct Scan also plays a very important role to reveal the areas of heart that are suffering from decreased blood flow.

Result of Pet CT Scan

Pet CT scan plays a key role to help the doctors gain each and every necessary information about any defective part of a human body. Besides, the tracers also helps the doctors to know that each and every part of human brain are getting sufficient amount of glucose or not. Pet CT scan mostly do not have any side effects. However, still the guidance of the doctors are required in case the patient is pregnant or having any other serious physical issues like diabetes.

Possibly, Pet Ct scan will always be considered as the easiest and the most advanced way of detecting the exact issue of any specific part of human body. That is one of the prime reasons why the number of affected people interested to pay for Pet Ct Scan are aggressively increasing day by day. Apart from all these, the procedure named Pet CT scan has also helped the doctors always to find a perfect solution for critical physical issues more than any other advanced medical technology of the planet.