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Dec 2020

New Mutant Strain of Coronavirus : Terror has a new face

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Dec 28, 2020

In the massively concerning situation of pandemic, the villain has re-appeared with more strength. Being the most worrying news of all time, coronavirus has taken a new form because of mutation which is known for being more dangerous. Britain is already facing the aggressive rampage of this newly appearing kind of coronavirus and it has already attacked a certain number of people. The entire world is stunned in the fear of a new session of destruction.

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Not only this virus is more dangerous than the previous form, it also spreads very quickly and is known as 70% more contagious than the previous one. Complete lockdown has already taken place in Britain and the arrival of citizens have been completely restricted. Cases regarding this new variant of Covid-19 have also been reported in the Netherlands, Australia, Denmark, South Africa and Italy. There are certain ways that can at least help you stay away from the effects of this virus.

Ways to avoid the new variant of coronavirus

  • The first and most effective trick is staying locked. Lock yourself completely and do not even think of stepping outside if your business is not vitally necessary.
  • Increase the time for washing hands and daily households or sanitize them everyday in a proper manner.
  • Even if you step outside, use at least a five layer mask and also tell your loved ones to do so. Normal one or two layer masks should be avoided as those are not really trustworthy.
  • Maintain a sufficient distance with every person you meet on the streets.
  • If you are still stepping out to collect groceries, do not forget to sanitize your container after coming back and also wash the groceries with hot water.

Nobody knows what more awaits for us. Even before introducing any vaccinations for the previous form, the new variant of the virus has already started to spread aggressively. Taking each and every precautionary measure in a proper manner and following all the orders given by the government is the only way to stay alive in this concerning situation. Get in touch with the medical experts to know more in this regard.

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