May 2019

Never treat your fever casually

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on May 29, 2019

Nowadays, we remain dependent upon certain kinds of medicines when we suffer from fever. As per the opinions of most of the certified doctors, fever can not be considered as a disease. When the body temperature turns higher than normal, then it can be considered as fever. There are so many types of fever including the categories of viral fever. Knowingly, types of blood test for fever are being used to diagnose the causes of most of these kinds of fever.

Prime reason behind fever

Fever is merely an automated defense system of our body. The body itself starts to increase the temperature to prevent the attacks of any virus or bacteria and terminate their existence. Sometimes, climate change or overheating may also cause temporary fever. Usually, normal body temperature remains within 94-100 degree.

When should you check?

You should check when,

  • You are feeling extremely tired, appetite
  • You are feeling a warmth when you touc
  • You experience headache, notice rashes on Skin, experience muscle pain, weakness, sore throat etc.

Most of the time fever attacks when we don’t get enough time to get prepared. There lies the importance of a health check. Knowingly, available body checkup packages include some important tests that is necessary to justify the nature of a fever. For example, urine tests, blood sugar tests are hugely necessary for a patient who is suffering from fever. This is the reason why a fever profile test is necessary.

When should you consult a doctor?

Fevers are not harmful always. Yet, you should consult a certified doctor when,

  • The fever has lasted for more than seven days
  • The body temperature has crossed 103 Degree Fahrenheit
  • If you are feeling unable to breathe easily
  • If you are having constant headache and feeling extremely weak
  • If you discover rashes on skin and feel extremely sleepy

You need to keep in mind that a healthy lifestyle depends upon your choice of living. Thyrocare Bhopal or Thyrocare Indore or Thyrocare Lucknow offers Fever Profile Test . Make wise decision and book your fever profile blood test package today.