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Nov 2020

Necessity of vitamins for hair loss and hair care

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Nov 03, 2020

According to the opinions of the experts, nutritional deficiency can be considered as one of the major reasons behind the aggressively increasing amount of hairfall. There are so many kinds of vitamins and minerals that play a very important role to maintain healthy hair follicles and also in normal growth of cells. Deficiency of any of those elements may lead to hair fall.

The importance of vitamin consumption to prevent hair fall is still not known to a large number of people. Vitamin supplementation can be considered as the most effective way to stay away from sich complications. In other words, consuming such food items that are rich in those vitamins and minerals that play a role in hair health can help you get rid of hair-fall problems. Some of the names of those vitamins are mentioned below for you that may play a role in preventing your hair-fall problems.

5 important vitamins to prevent Hair-fall

  • Vitamin A: Vitamin A plays a major role in hair growth and also helps to maintain the health of hair follicles. It also supports the production of sebum, which is known as an important oily substance that is produced by skin glands.
  • Vitamin B7: Vitamin B7 is also reputed as Vitamin H or Biotin. It also effectively support hair growth. Knowingly, lack of this specific kind of vitamin may cause rashes and brittle nails also.
  • Vitamin C: This one is known as a specific kind of Water-soluble vitamin. It plays the major role in preventing oxidative stress and also helps to prevent hair-loss. It supports the production of a protein named Collagen which is necessary for the growth of hair, skin and nail.
  • Vitamin B9: Vitamin C is also rich in antioxidant properties. Foods like folate acid or folate are known as the natural source of this vitamin. It supports the synthesis of red blood cells and nucleic acid, which are essential for oxygen supply in several parts of our body that is also necessary for hair growth.
  • Vitamin D: This vitamin supports the growth of hair follicles. The deficiency of vitamin D can be the reason for hair loss and degradation of bone health. Lack of vitamin D is the prime reason behind premature greying and also the increasing fall of hair, especially in females.

If you are also experiencing hair fall for a long span of time, then you must get in touch with a genuine nutritionist to know if you are suffering from the deficiency of any of these vitamins. Get in touch with a reliable pathology lab today to fetch more necessary information in this regard.