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Oct 2020

Myths vs Facts about your immune system

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Oct 11, 2020

Immune system is the natural ability of the human body to fight diseases. It is not harder to guess that a person with a low immune system is vulnerable to most kinds of diseases. However, the ability varies person to person as it is dependent on so many things including some lifestyle factors and food habits. Besides, there are many people who take birth with a stronger immune system.

However, not all the information we get about the immune system from different sources is true. There are certain misconceptions about the immune system and its functionalities. Although each of us have an immune system that is enough to fight certain diseases, still it is necessary to know our immune system completely. Some myths and facts about the immune system are mentioned below for you.

Mentionable Myths and facts about immune system


  • Fact 1: Regular consumption of fruits and vegetables can make your immune system stronger.
  • Fact 2: Keeping a positive attitude supports your immune system to defeat any disease.
  • Fact 3: Sucking your baby’s pacifier can help your baby stay away from the chances of allergies.


  • Myth 1: Exercise has no effect on your immune system.
  • Myth 2: Kids should be dependent on supplements to build up a better immune system.
  • Myth 3: Supplements are a faster way to feel better or recover faster.
  • Myth 4: Less sleep has no effect on our immune system.

All of us must focus on the facts and should always discard and ignore all the above-mentioned myths that have always been believed by so many people. There are so many other facts and myths that are only known to certified doctors and medical experts, which you must know about. Get in touch with them today to fetch more necessary information in this regard.