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Apr 2021

Myths about Covid-19 vaccines you should never believe

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Apr 09, 2021

It is undoubtedly the best news on the planet at this very moment that the world has finally come to a solution of the most hugely uprising issue on the planet. We finally found a way to defeat the demonic disease that has already claimed a gigantic number of innocent lives all over the globe. This is the prime reason why the demand and popularity of the newly discovered vaccines of Covid-19 have increased a lot since the beginning.

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This is not a dream anymore, some of the most effective vaccines for this deadly respiratory disease is already available in the market and it has already helped so many people avoid the chances of this deadly disease and also to keep their loved ones away. As a matter of fact, there are so many people who are getting misguided because of the myths and rumors about the newly introduced covid-19 vaccines. Some of the myths about Covid-19 vaccines that you should never believe in are mentioned below for you.

6 mentionable myths about covid-19 vaccines

  • The vaccines were approved in a hurry and so these are not safe: It’s not true. He vaccines have already been tested by some of the greatest medical experts and have gone through all necessary chemical trials. Apart from that, the success rate of most of these vaccines are really satisfactory.
  • These vaccines can even alter your DNA: This is one of the biggest myths about the vaccines. Both of the vaccines have got complete medical approval to be used in India. Apart from that, the vaccines contain dead viruses so there remains no chances of risk. These vaccines never interact with anyone’s DNA.
  • You should not take covid vaccines if you are planning a pregnancy: People who are undergoing infertility treatments should not go for this vaccine. However, there are no specific reasons to delay the plan of your pregnancy for the consumption of this vaccine.
  • You don’t need to take precautions once you are vaccinated: This is completely wrong and avoiding precautions is not safe. Even after you are vaccinated, it is always recommended to keep taking all the necessary precautions on a regular basis.
  • Individuals with a certain blood type don’t need to be vaccinated: never believe in such types of myth as this can be harmful. No matter what your blood type is, getting vaccinated is always necessarily essential to keep you and your loved ones away from the chances of this deadly respiratory disease.
  • The vaccines are not effective on the new strain of the virus: Although so many have already questioned about the effectiveness of the vaccine on the new strain, some medical experts have already explained how it is effective on the new strain. Besides, NIV has also stated that Covaxin is effective on the new variant of UK.

To be mentioned once again, deadly diseases like covid-19 should never be dealt or handled casually as these may lead to bigger problems. Apart from that, never compromise with the precautionary measures you take. Keep wearing masks and using hand sanitizers as this is hugely necessary. Consult a medical expert today to fetch more necessary information in this regard.

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