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Mar 2022

Must do health check for women in their 40s

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Mar 09, 2022

Usually, people at any age need to go for health checkups from time to time, some do consider going for health checkups at least yearly. However, the maths does change a bit when it comes to middle-aged women, because as we grow older we are prone to develop certain health complications.

Some health complications need immediate treatment, and also some may not. Hence, it is essential for women in their 40s to go for health check-ups regularly. Here are all the health check-ups that you require in your 40s, described broadly.

6 Must do health check-ups you need in your 40s

  • Breast screening: Women in their 40s are more prone to get breast cancer, which is why medical examiners recommend women over 40s to go for breast screening frequently. This screening will help the doctors to examine any rashes, and lumps which can be concerning. In this exam, doctors might also examine your nipples, whether there is any abnormal fluid discharge when squeezing gently. Take notice of your breast yourself, and talk with your doctor if there are any abnormal changes.
  • Mammogram: Mammogram is designed to diagnose breast cancers. Every woman should go for a mammogram but how frequently one should go for this, is dependent on the age. It is suggested to women in their 40s to go for a mammogram once in between every one or two years. However, one should go for a mammogram when it is prescribed by the doctor.
  • Screening for colon cancer: Women in their 40s also need colon cancer screening. You require colon cancer if you have had a family history of colon cancer, and if you have had inflammatory bowel disease. Some colon cancer screening options are:
    • Stool test in every year
    • SDNA-FIT test in between every 2 to 3 years
    • Flexible sigmoidoscopy in every 5 years
    • CT colonography in every 5 years
    • Colonoscopy in every 10 years
  • Diabetes screenings: Women aged over 40, should get screened for diabetes every 3 years. You might require more frequent screenings specially, if you are overweight, and have high blood pressure issues.
  • Dental screenings: Women in their 40s should do yearly visits to the dentists. The dentists will clean your teeth, and they will examine if you need to do frequent check-ups.
  • Eye screenings: Women over 40 should go for eye screening every 2 to 4 years. If you have diabetes, or any vision problem, then you will need to examine frequently.

Apart from all these screening, You may need to go for skin screenings, blood pressure screening, cholesterol screening, lung cancer screening, cervical cancer screening, and you may also need physical exams from time to time as well.