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Jul 2020

Mentionable health issues that Indian men usually ignore

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Jul 20, 2020

Health issues should never be ignored as certain kinds of health issues may turn serious within a very short span of time and cause so many kinds of physical complexions. Sometimes, long ignored health issues may also turn incurable or even fatal. This can be considered as the prime reason why doctors always suggest to stay up to date about physical condition.

However, this is almost impossible for any of us to stay aware of the occurring symptoms of the diseases. In today’s busy life schedule, indian men are often found ignoring certain types of physical problems, which later takes a bigger shape. As a matter of fact, almost every man has a reputation of ignoring issues related to both physical and mental health. Some of the major health issues that are generally ignored by indian men are mentioned below.

6 health problems that indian men ignore

  • Iron deficiency comes first in this list. Although lack of iron is mostly faced by women, still a large number of men generally face it. Feeling tired, having pale skin and dizziness are some major symptoms of this disorder.
  • Vitamin deficiency is also another issue that is ignored by indian men. Ignoring vitamin deficiency would be a bad decision as it may weaken the immune system and may also cause depression and memory problems.
  • Obesity is also a very ignored disorder. Obesity occurs because of increasing cholesterol and blood sugar and it may give birth to sleep apnea, stroke, diabetes, depression, osteoarthritis and even cancer.
  • Liver issues are also often ignored as it is difficult to have symptoms at the beginning if a person is having liver issues. Obesity, diabetes and alcohol consumption are known as some major reasons behind liver problems.
  • Men are generally in a higher risk of growing cholesterol. Cholesterol is well known for leading towards heart diseases. Staying away from the foods that are rich in trans fat may help to reduce cholesterol.
  • Although depression is just a mental disease, it should never be ignored. A person should instantly consult a psychiatrist if feeling depressed.

Both mental and physical complexions can be detected through a test. This is why medical experts always suggest Indian men to go for a checkup. Get in touch with a certified doctor or a genuine pathology lab to fetch more necessary information in this regard.