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Sep 2022

Lesser known fever management tricks at home

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Sep 13, 2022

The beautiful monsoon season comes with a moisturized flavor of mild or heavy rainfall that plays a key role in terminating the suffocating summer vibes. However, the silly change in the weather may feel comfortable but it comes with the unavoidable potentiality of catching several harmful diseases like fever. Not just monsoon, fever is very much common in many other seasons too. This can be considered as one of the most mentionable reasons why we all should stay alert and cautious about the most common monsoon diseases that may occur.

Rather than being known as just a disease, fever is considered more to be a symptom of any specific disease. Fever is nothing but the disease of increasing temperature in a human body that comes with many more occurring symptoms like weakness, dehydration etc. However, fever may also turn very serious and as per information fetched and verified, fever is also known for turning fatal in some specific cases. This is a mentionable reason why fever must be treated as soon as possible at the beginning stage.

Seeking medical attention immediately is the first thing to do once a person has caught fever. However, sometimes it becomes too urgent that visiting a hospital or medical centre could also be a waste of time if the fever starts turning too serious. This is why it is mandatory for all of us to have a brief knowledge about how fever can be managed at home. Some of those effective tricks are mentioned below for you.

5 effective fever management tricks

  • Staying hydrated is necessary to avoid dehydration during the fever.
  • Use of paracetamol tablets can be widely seen to treat fever at home, however, it is necessary to know the nature of fever as well as the factor that is causing the fever before the consumption of such tablets. This is why guidance of a medical expert before consuming any such medicine is important as not all kinds of fever should be treated through the consumption of paracetamols.
  • Stay away from raindrops, extreme cold water or atmosphere and in direct contact with any other person who is also suffering from fever. Instead, take complete rest until you survive.
  • Eating a healthy meal during fever is necessary as that can help to strengthen the immune system.
  • A Lukewarm water bath is also an effective trick for high body temperature management.

As we all know, fever can also be the symptom of the deadly respiratory disease Covid-19. As soon as you are infected, one of the primary symptoms that you will be facing is high or moderate fever. However, that depends on the virus strain as well as the strength of the natural immune system of your body. This is a major reason why going for a covid test is also one of the most important things to do if you are suffering from fever.

Several genuine and reliable health checkup centres like thyrocare have already appeared and they have made fever test facilities available all over the country. They are IT enabled and advanced enough to provide an error-free test report within the shortest possible span of time. Their fever panel test package contains so many necessary tests that can help you get the cause of your fever detected quickly so that you can seek medical attention as soon as possible. In other words, if you wish to know about the factor that is causing fever, you may easily go for a fever profile test package as these packages are now available for a very reasonable price. Consult them today as they are always just a call away from you.