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Mar 2021

Is the new Covid-19 strain more infectious?

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Mar 29, 2021

As per information fetched, 240 new mutant strain infected has been reported from Maharashtra, which has hugely increased the concerns of the common people. As we all know, the previously known strain of coronavirus has already claimed an uncountable number of innocent lives all over the globe. However, the terror has finally re-appeared with a new face and that is dangerous enough. It goes without staying that this newly appearing strain of coronavirus has already increased the concerns of so many people.

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As per some medical experts. It is a bit difficult to gain herd immunity in India as the constant mutation of the virus can be the reason for infection. In other words, a person can have this respiratory infection the second time once the virus appears with a new formation again. On the other hand, we can’t grow any rapidly varying immune protocol. This is why it is impossible to fight a RNA virus that is having constant genetic mutation. That is exactly where the problem lies.

Yes, this virus spreads as fast as its previous form and may cause severe or mild symptoms through which the presence of it can be determined. As the mutation is almost a constant process, the existence of any newer strain in the near or far future is not really impossible. This is the reason why the need of taking precautionary measures is still there even after some of the most effective vaccinations have been introduced. Always wash your hands in a proper manner every time after coming back from the outside and also do not forget to wear a mask while roaming outside as this is necessary to keep you and your loved ones away from the potential chances of this deadly respiratory disease. Get in touch with a genuine and reliable medical expert today to fetch more necessary information in this regard.

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