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Jan 2022

Indoor plants that can improve health and wellness

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Jan 30, 2022

The need of indoor plants is undeniable if you desire to turn your indoor complex into a heavenly abode. From corporate organizations to modern hospitals, from schools to trendy modern house interior sections, you can find indoor plants everywhere and there are unavoidable reasons behind all of it. Although it is a lesser known fact, plants have a deep impact on both physical and mental health.

There are several categories of house plants and each one has their own specific uniqueness. From flowering plants to low maintenance green angels, there are thousands of indoor plant categories that have already been chosen by so many common people as well as plant parents. On the other hand, so many medical experts agree with the fact that there are plants that can effectively improve the health and wellness of an individual. A brief on some of those plants are given below for you.

10 indoor plants for health and wellness

  • Golden Pothos: These beautiful plants are known as a mentionable low maintenance plant. However, they are one of the most amazing air purifying plants that can be kept in the complex to improve the air quality.
  • English Ivy: This is one of the most lesser known names, however, this is another amazing air purifying plant that can bring the assurance of fresh air for you and your loved ones.
  • Boston fern: Boston fern is one of the most gorgeous plants that has already been chosen by a huge number of global plant parents. Knowingly, this is also one of those plants that can filter several toxin elements from the air.
  • Peace Lily: this plant is well-reputed among plant parents as well as common people just because of the unmatchable beauty of it. The white flower shines like a crow at the top of the plant. Knowingly, peace lily can also effectively filter the air and remove all the toxin elements from it.
  • Aloe Vera: This is one of those low maintenance plants that have always been known for having health benefits since the beginning. The commonly known fact is the necessity of aloe vera for skin health. Apart from that, it is also a good air purifier.
  • Snake Plant: Being also known as the mother in law’s tongue, snake plants are one of the most amazing air purifying plants that has already been chosen by so many plant parents. You don’t need to get much worried because it is one of the most mentionable low maintenance plants.
  • Rubber Plants: Rubber plants are well known all over the world for being spectacular enough to freeze a visitor’s eye. Their large leaves absorbs many bad materials from the air and this is the prime reason why they are chosen.
  • Gerbera: gerbera is a plant that is specifically reputed for removing benzene from the air. It produces a certain amount of oxygen at night and is also known as one of the most spectacular plants of all time.
  • Azalea: This gorgeous flowering plant can easily melt the hearts of you and your loved ones. Being one of the most amazing decorative pieces for indoor complexes, it is also known for filtering formaldehyde from the air.
  • Mass cane: This is also one of those plants that can effectively remove formaldehyde. However, this plant is also chosen for another reason. The spectacular looks of this plant can boost the elegance and aristocracy of any complex.

Why are you living in a lifeless complex when you can make it alive with the presence of some of these amazing indoor plants? Apart from that, it is also not a challenge anymore to get the freshest quality of air at home. Purchase house plants from any of your favourite nurseries and stay physically and mentally healthy.